Southwest Airlines Fares

When you work with a travel agent to find the best airline fares, chances are the agent will tell you about how different airlines will experience boom periods at certain months, on certain days. As far as Southwest Airlines fares go, the rates are generally what you’d expect from one of the major air transportation companies of North America.

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If you plan your trip during any United States vacation “hot zones” (i.e. Christmas, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, New Years’, etc.) then expect to pay the maximum rates. Your best bet to get cheaper Southwest Airlines fares is to travel on a Wednesday (as long as it doesn’t fall on or near a national holiday) as that days is lowest traffic day at any airport, which is why airports will drop their prices slightly that day to encourage more passengers to pick a flight on Wednesday. Southwest Airlines fares can also be affected by their current stock health, and the pricing of their competitor’s fares. When the Southwest company is doing well in terms of business, they can afford to allow Airtran or US Airways to undercut them on the price of airfare. But if Southwest is losing ground and getting pummel in the markets, Southwest Airlines fares will see a steady slackening in order to spur business and stay competitive with their airline rivals. All in all, the fluctuations of Southwest Airlines fares are easy to predict as long as you use common sense.

Southwest airlines can significantly curb the distribution costs because of the “ticketless travel” choice. In case, you plan to make use of the credit card to make reservations, and you are qualified for the transactions online with an airline. The Southwest has also managed to save great deal of the money through electronic transactions, which was spent earlier on the travel agency commissions. Also, you may cancel the air ticket online as well as get the refund.

The southwest airlines gives you the competitive travel deals to the customers. And exciting discount are often offered to give unique flying experience at very affordable prices. Example as per current discount offer, in case, you fly on Tuesday or else Wednesday, your one way air ticket will cost you around $49 – $139 that depends on the destination. On other days, similar flight will cost you in range of around $49 – $179. For the fourteen day advance booking, you may fly one way to Philadelphia for around $99 and less. Your one way air ticket that is between Austin & Houston may cost you $29 given that you book the ticket twenty one days before hand.

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