Stars diet tips

We have always wondered our favorite stars diet tips. What makes me so good looking and strong and sexy? Stars diet tips are kept a well guarded secret from the local media and other people.

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But, still there have been a few leaks in the star diet tips. Let us have a look in at some of the stars diet tips.

* Angelina Jolie’s diet

As we all know, Angelina had twin babies and she was facing a big threat of adding baby weight to her body. But, with a little advice from her doctor, she was able to lose a lot of baby weight. She stuck to an eating plan that included a lot of vegetables. Her diet included organic salmon with tomatoes, brown bread and herbs for breakfast. Spinach and tomatoes constituted her dinner and lunch. From the above, Angelina’s diet consists of proteins, fats and also fresh vegetables which keep her in perfect health.

* Kate Bosworth’s diet

Kate loves organic foods. Her voice was that it is not possible for anyone to eat organic foods all the time. But, she voiced her opinion that everyone must intake as much organic food as possible. The good part about Kate’s diet is that it is realistic and it can be followed.

* Marc Jacobs’ diet

Marc Jacobs is a muscleman. But, he too has his own diet secrets. His diet includes organic food that does not any concentration of flour, sugar and dairy. He claims that he lost a considerable amount of weight due to this diet. He said that this diet is especially made for people who look to lose weight fast.

* Madonna’s diet

Madonna is a healthy woman. Her secret of staying healthy stays in the food that she consumes. She eats organic food mostly. But, sometimes her diet includes meat, fish, eggs and other dairy products. She says that subjected this diet to her children and she said that they no longer carried toxins in their body as this diet cleared them up completely.

* Stella’s diet

Stella is a fine vegetarian. She claims that she rarely tasted meat in her life as her parents were also strict vegetarians. She says that the advantage of being vegetarian is that it reduces carbon emission which is the best thing to do to help planet earth.

* Ed Norton’s diet

If you are all wondering as to who is Ed, then I got to remind you that he was the lead in The Incredible hulk movie. He generally took organic foods. These organic foods were very rich in good things like polyphenol and antioxidants.

* Donna Karan’s diet

As we all know, Donna Karan follows a strict diet. She dropped 20 pounds by following a raw organic diet. Her food generally consists of cabbages, tomatoes, beans and green peas. Milk and fruits are other options. She says that the advantage of this diet is that it keeps her trim to perform yoga.

Thus, the various stars diet tips have been discussed.

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