Statue of Liberty Tickets

Visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York City is an awe-inspiring trip. When you get ready to purchase your Statue of Liberty Tickets, you’ll need to do so in advance to get the best price.

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Trying to purchase Statue of Liberty Tickets the same day you plan on visiting is a good way to waste money on costs, and wasting money in New York City can always be avoided if you know the right way to do something! Once you’ve gotten Statue of Liberty Tickets, visiting the Liberty Island is a simple matter of redeeming the Statue of Liberty Tickets with the appropriate officials, and passing through the metal detector before you’re allowed in. At times, the Statue of Liberty is off-limits to visitors and you’ll only be able to view it from the outside. But when you get allowed inside, you’ll be able to travel to the top of “Mrs.” Liberty’s crown and gaze out from the top of the statue towards the Manhattan shoreline. It is quite a unique perspective to be looking out from the Statue of Liberty, instead of having a few of the statue from the mainland. Once you’ve seen all the sights of Liberty Island, be sure to save your Statue of Liberty Ticket stub as a reminder of your trip to one of the most patriotic locations within the United States.

There are 2 locations from that you may depart on cruise – New Jersey & New York. Cruise leaves from the Battery Park at New Jersey & from Liberty State Park to New York. There are many kinds of tickets, which you may purchase at both the locations:

- Reserve Ticket. And this gives you an access to Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty that includes grounds over both the monuments. In case, you want the audio tour, then this may cost additional fee. With reserve ticket, you have the priority entry in security area that can save you a few time.

- Reserve Ticket With the Monument Pass. And this kind of the ticket may allow you inside monuments. At Statue of Liberty, you may go inside pedestal & see what interior of statue looks like. Additionally, you have 360?panoramic view of the Fort Wood. The Audio tours are available in for the extra charge and although you have the priority entrance to secure area before leaving on cruise, and there is the second screening prior to you enter structure.

Flex Ticket. This may give you an access to grounds of both Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty, with an additional choice of paying for the audio tour. You may just use the ticket once & it is valid for 3 days from date of purchase. Also, you do have to come arrive early to make that you may get to take a cruise.

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