Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Steve Harvey Morning Show is a morning radio program that features one of the ‘Original Kings of Comedy’ himself, Steve Harvey. Harvey is a veteran of both the film industry and the small screen, as the star of his self-titled “The Steve Harvey Show” on the WB.

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As a stand-up comic who’s also hosted both the Russel Simmons’ “Def Comedy Jam”, and the “Showtime at the Apollo” variety program. Advertised to a predominantly African American audience, the Steve Harvey Morning Show is a often hilarious look into all things related to the morning grind, helping many daily commuters find a way to smile at life on their way into work. The Steve Harvey Morning Show typically refers to world news stories from the morning and pokes fun at the more ridiculous stories out there. The Steve Harvey Morning Show also does a lot of joking with celebrity goings on, and a favorite target of Mr. Harvey’s joking ire is his fellow King of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer. For thousands of morning radio show listeners, the Steve Harvey Morning Show is an unbeatable way to wake up and get ready for the daily grind.

Steve Harvey Morning Show is inspirational and uplifting, covering issues & community concerns, which affect everybody. Hosted by the New York Times best selling author as well as comedian Steve Harvey, Nephew Tommy, Shirley Strawberry, as well as Carla Ferrell, morning show also combines the compelling stories & interviews with great music, humor, as well as hot celebrities from entertainment as well as sports worlds. Steve Harvey Morning Show is heard in more than 65 markets with more than 8 million viewers. The Harvey Morning Show generally airs in more than 60 markets & has 7 million listeners from around 6 to 10 AM EST, weekdays. It is hosted by America’s funniest & most famous comics, Steve Harvey also brings humor, heart, as well as great music to public every morning. Steve Harvey Morning show is inspirational, as well as motivational, and covering the topical issues as well as community concerns, which touch everybody. Steve Harvey, the multi media star & one of original Kings of the Comedy, brings his brand of the original showmanship to the radio.

Morning show has allowed them to share the relationship advice with listeners through “Strawberry Letter” segment, and where he will respond to the relationship questions. Segment’s popularity generally led to the book deal with the Harper Collins. Today’s the live broadcast featured the performance by the College Park native, and Sheryl Underwood & Atlanta’s own Ludacris. The Ludacris talked about the role in promoting Census 2010.

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