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Shed is a storage room which keeps garages,gardening things,cars,bikes,toys etc.It’s size may varies based on the person needs.The car needs small shed in the same time food grains need larger size shed called godon.Usage of these shed’s basic thing is to protect element.Sheds are also defined as “simple storage,typical cell which are used to tool storage”.Shed is usually constructed beside the house.

A Storage building kits is used to constructing a shed.Storage buildings are available at variety of  shapes, size and design. They are made up of wood, steel,or some time from vinyl.The shed-site size should decides what type of building kit people should going to purchase.Now different  size sheds are used as different form namely small sizes sheds are used as play home, work shops etc..

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and larger size sheds can be used as guest houses.

The shed construction needs either Metal kit,wood kit or synthetic kit. Steel storage building kit is hard and safe. wood storage building is looks to be beautiful but not worthy.Purchasing of these kits is not so easy, that’s why so many websites are came in to existence to help people.Through online,kit purchasing is easy and it made people tension free.

Three types of components are used to construct a shed namely:
1.Metal :- Steel and aluminium coated with vinyl or painted-
2.Wood: timber, sticks
3.Synthetic material:-plastic and vinyl

1.Metal Storage building kits:

Metal kit is of two types steel and aluminium coated with vinyl.For meta storage kit best example is steel.Steel building kit is very hard and hence it considered as more security.It have many uses like construction of garage,farm coverage and loafing   shed etc..Steel is a type of metal, its cost is little bit low compare with other two building kits vinyl and wood. Steel shed construction takes less time, so it   save the time as well as money.So that steel kit can go up much faster than vinyl kit and wood kit.Steel kit is flexible,
 it can give   clear interior design to the shed. It is profitable, because the small shed can be sold at high rate.

1.Apart from this domestic use and industrial applications, it may used in airplane hanger, games or sports and in recreation centre, these are all some of largest steel buildings.
2.Used in harbour.

3.In carport development.

2.Wood Storage building kits:

Wood Kit is so lovely and beautiful. But Wood kit is smooth that means not so hard hence, it is not safe.Cost is high when compare tosteel kit and lower than vinyl kit. It’s usage is more in Egypt.It takes more time to construct.

3.Synthetic Storage building kits:It includes plastic and vinyl sheds.It is used to construct small shed.

There are two types of sheds namely:

1.Indoor shed: which is situated with in the house.
2.outdoor shed:which is nearer to the house but it construct out side the house.

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