Swelling around ankles

Swelling around ankles is a very common problem that can happen to anyone irrespective of the age and physic. The important thing here is to find out the cause of the swelling.

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If the cause of the swelling is diagnosed, then it becomes much easier to find effective treatment for it.

Let us see some of the common causes of ankle swelling:-

* Prolonged standing

Some people may have jobs which may require them to be in a standing position for a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a day. This sort of prolonger standing is the cause of the swelling around the ankles section.

* Long vehicle rides

This can be explained to be another cause of swelling around the ankles. When a person has a long airplane ride or a long motorbike ride, then he/she can experience swellings around the ankle. This is a very common thing and ordinary ointments have been known to help in such cases.

* Pregnancy

Some women may experience swelling around the ankles during their pregnancy periods. A phenomenon called preeclampsia is known to occur for most females in their pregnancy. It is a serious condition which includes high blood pressure and swelling around the ankle.

* Overweight

Some persons will be fatter and heavier than what their legs can bear. In this case, swelling around the ankles are known to be prevalent and a visit to the nearby doctor may prove to be worthy in a situation like this.

* Menstrual periods

This is another important cause of swelling around the ankles. Females who are weak are known to suffer from a predicament which causes swelling in the ankle or anywhere nears it especially during their menstrual periods. For such females, it is often advised to visit a doctor as it only requires a small pill to bypass this predicament.

* Blood clot

Another chief cause of swelling around the ankles is the presence of a clot in the blood. Sometimes, injuries may arise. At those times, the blood may clot. If the blood clots near the ankle, then a small swelling can be experienced within 30-45 minutes after the onset of the blood clot.

* Malnutrition

Many children in places like Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania are known to have small swellings around their ankles. The reason for this is malnutrition or starvation. Only good food can help them to be free of this swelling.

* Recent surgery

Some persons may do a surgery to their ankles. After the surgery is completed, the patients may witness a bulge or a swelling. This is because the inner skin had been disturbed during the surgery and it will cause some swelling to be formed.

Some of the home measures are:-

* Lift your legs above the heart when sitting or lying down.
* Do constant exercise to your legs which helps to pump fluids from the legs back to the heart.
* A low-salt diet is often known to help.


By avoiding sitting or standing at the same place for a long amount of time, we can reduce the swelling around the ankles under most situations.

Thus, the common things that one has to know about the swelling around ankles have been discussed broadly.

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