Symptoms of arterial blockage in the heart

When plaque is built up within the artery, the arterial blockage is eventually developed. This can prevent the blood flow.

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It can cause a variety of symptoms which can vary depending upon the place where the artery is blocked.
There are several symptoms of arterial blockage in the heart. Let us see them one by one:-

  • Chest pain

This is one of the most common symptoms of arterial blockage in the heart. In this disease, there will be some degree of pain in the chest and in the surrounding areas.

  • Heart problems

This is another important symptom of artery blockage in the heart. In this, the patient may experience either a rapid heart rate or an irregular heartbeat. These symptoms may usually emerge as heart palpitations.

  • Nausea

This is one more symptom of artery blockage in the heart. People who suffer from artery blockage are known to suffer from nausea. Nausea is nothing but a feeling of vomiting sensation. This is the general effect of the artery on the body.

  • Indigestion

This symptom is hard to predict whether the patient is suffering from artery blockage or any other disease. However, it can be explained as a matter of fact that persons who suffer from an artery blockage are known to experience indigestion and there will be a feeling of a heavy stomach always.

  • Dizziness

This is a chief symptom of artery blockage. The patient may feel dizziness or may be light headed frequently. These patients are always advised to carry their medicines with them at all times.

  • Slurring

When the artery blockage develops and goes to an advanced stage, the patient may slur during his/her speech. This means that the disease has become serious and it is difficult to save the patient since the disease has advanced to a fatal level.

  • Mobility problems

When the artery blockage starts to affect the brain, then the legs and arms are also affected. Leg pain will develop and the patient will feel hard to stand up and walk on his own.

  • Respiratory disturbance

This is an important symptom of artery blockage. In this, the patient will experience shortness of breath. The flow of blood to the heart is decreased. Hence, the body will feel tiredness and fatigue. Deprival of oxygen can sometimes prove to be fatal in some cases.

  • Blindness

Blindness can be said as a symptom of artery blockage in the heart. The artery blockage in the heart is responsible sometimes in causing blindness. This blindness may either be temporary or permanent depending upon the seriousness of the disease. For some people, it may be the first symptom that they experience after the disease advances whereas for others, it may be second or third symptom.

  • Other pains

Blood vessels are known to be affected by artery blockage. Some of the blood vessels that get damaged are coronary arteries and carotid arteries. In case, the person is happening to suffer a blockage in any of the peripheral arteries, then intense pain can be experienced especially in the legs when walking/running.
Thus, the symptoms of artery blockage have been discussed.

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