Symptoms of blocked carotid artery

Blocked carotid artery is a dangerous disease because it blocks the vessels that lead to the head and the brain. The brain needs a supply of fresh oxygen always.

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If the oxygen supply is not proper, then the brain will become sluggish and in certain cases, this may become fatal. When the carotid arteries are blocked, a person is most likely to suffer a stroke. This happens because the brain does not receive enough oxygen.
Let us see some of the symptoms of blocked carotid artery:-

  • Heredity

Heredity can be a good symptom of blocked carotid artery. If anyone in your family had blocked carotid artery before, then it is more likely that you will also suffer from the same disease. Hence, it is necessary that you visit a doctor and verify your genes.

  • Bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a bad one in the body. Bad cholesterol is also better known as lipoprotein cholesterol. Extreme high levels of lipoprotein cholesterol are bound to cause blocked carotid artery. Cholesterol in the body is always going to cause health problems.

  • High blood pressure

This is another important symptom of blocked carotid artery. This is usually experienced by elderly gentlemen since they would have diabetes usually. When a person has high blood pressure, then the odds are that he or she may suffer from blocked carotid artery also.

  • Diabetes

Another chief symptom of blocked carotid artery is the presence of diabetes. Many persons do not realize that when they suffer from diabetes, then there exists a big chance of getting blocked carotid artery also. Diabetes is rarely fatal but it brings with it a series of other diseases and it becomes difficult to control it once it has spread.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is an important sign of blocked carotid artery. When the brain does not receive enough oxygen, then tiredness will creep upon. The body will feel too weak to perform some basic activities like walking, running and so on.

  • Shivering

The presence of blocked carotid artery can make the body feel cold even in a room which is reasonably hot. Shivering or trembling is usually accompanied with cold. This is the first and foremost symptom of this disease.

  • Dizziness

Dizziness is another key symptom of blocked carotid artery even though it may not serve as a good symptom as many other diseases are also associated with dizziness. Patients who experience dizziness are advised to visit their doctors as dizziness could spark the beginning of something serious.

  • Body pain

Body pain serves as a good symptom for blocked carotid artery. People who suffer or suffered from blocked carotid artery have complained of body pain. Body pain is usually experienced near the calf, neck, legs and arms. Body pain is also experienced in the part just behind the shoulder.

  • Trouble swallowing

This is a chief symptom of blocked carotid artery. The patients suffering from this disease have trouble in swallowing their food because it causes them pain.
Thus, the symptoms of blocked carotid artery have been discussed.

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