Symptoms of Congestive heart failure is worsening

The symptom of congestive heart failure is worsening varies from one individual to the other and it also depends on how much the body has adapted to the slowing down of blood flow because of the congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure or CHF is the backup of blood pumping through the body.

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The lack of oxygenated blood and nutrients greatly affect our organs.

Some of the symptoms that congestive heart failure is worsening at an early stage are fatigue – although this can be caused by a differently underlying reason one of the main factoring symptoms of congestive heart failure is worsening. Many patients do not even sense that they are getting tired quicker and what happens is they greatly reduce their physical activity without even knowing to compensate. High blood pressure and fluid in the lungs are also known symptoms.

If CHF is left untreated it comes up with different symptoms. Some symptoms of congestive heart failure is worsening is Edema or swelling. This happens because the kidneys start to fail because of the lack of blood flow. Edema is most commonly seen in the ankles and legs or abdomen.

Additionally, fluid may collect in the lungs – also known as pulmonary edema. Although pulmonary edema is one of the early signs of CHF, untreated pulmonary edema causes respiratory distress, heavy breathing, chest pains, general malaise, waking up in the middle of the night or inability to sleep laying flat, Wheezing or gurgling chest sounds and fever just to name a few.

Another symptom of congestive heart failure is worsening is edema or swelling. This is caused by the kidneys starting to fail due to “mal nutrition” or the organ not getting the proper nutrients that it would normally get because of the CHF. As the kidneys begin to fail it starts by not being able to properly dispose of salt and this fluid getting retained leads to frequent urination. This fluid buildup is very hard on the kidneys because it can lead to kidney failure.

Liver necrosis is also another symptom of congestive heart failure is worsening. Jaundice also known as icteric is one of the most distinct symptoms of the liver starting to fail. Jaundice is the discoloration of the skin, eyes and other mucous membranes. If left untreated it is not life threatening, but it does lead to uncontrollable itching.

Besides fluid building up in the lungs, edema or swelling is also another symptom of congestive heart failure is worsening. Edema occurs mainly in the patient’s feet and ankles, and abdomen. Weight gain due to the edema is also noticed. Patient’s having abdominal edema usually suffers from abdominal pains and the decrease of appetite.

These are just some of the symptoms of congestive heart failure is worsening. There are more symptoms and signs for worsening CHF and it is never a good idea to leave this illness untreated, on the other hand having one or two of these symptoms may or may not mean that you have CHF. Regular checkup with your doctor is always a good idea in preventing or diagnosing this illness before it’s too late.

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