Symptoms of food poisoning

Food poisoning is a common thing but it can sometimes become very deadly. The usual cause of food poisoning is mainly due to the presence of unwanted foreign materials like virus or bacteria in the food that is taken.

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Food poisoning is not serious in most cases and the sickness may last for a maximum of 24-28 hours.
Let us see the symptoms of food poisoning one by one.

  • Symptom 1

Noroviruses are a collection of viruses that cause low levels of sickness with vomiting and nausea. Diarrhea is also present in some cases. These kinds of symptoms usually become resolved in a couple of days.

  • Symptom 2

The symptoms of food poisoning that is caused due to rotavirus are severe illness followed by fever and watery diarrhea. This virus is usually transmitted from person to person.

  • Symptom 3

Hepatitis A is a special virus and the symptoms of food poisoning caused by this virus are sudden onset of fever which is followed by loss of appetite an also fatigue.

  • Symptom 4

The food poisoning which is caused by salmonella bacteria affects persons with flu-like symptoms for well over a week of time.

  • Symptom 5

Campylobacter causes food poisoning and the symptoms of food poisoning are identified by fever, headache and extreme muscle aches.

  • Symptom 6

Botulism also causes food poisoning. The first symptom of food poisoning occurs somewhere between 20 to 48 hours after the intake of the contaminated food. Nausea, dry mouth, blurred vision and vomiting sensation are some of the common symptoms that can be widely experienced. Also, the loss of ability to swallow makes it difficult to eat.

  • Symptom 7

Staphylococcal  food poisoning is another important predicament in which the symptoms are identified by abdominal cramps, vomiting and fever. The first symptom appears at about 6 hours after consuming the contaminated food.

  • Symptom 8

Bacillus cereus can also be considered to be the cause of food poisoning and the symptoms are identified by mild illness with rapid vomiting. Extreme vomiting results in abdominal cramps.

  • Symptom 9

Shighella or traveller’s diarrhea is an important bacteria that causes food poisoning. The symptoms are moderate illness and diarrhea containing blood. Sometimes diarrhea also contains mucus.

  • Symptom 10

Vibrio cholera bacteria causes food poisoning in infants. The symptoms of food poisoning are moderate illness with diarrhea followed by headache. Sometimes, fever with chills can also be experienced.

  • Symptom 11

The presence of parasites like giardia can also cause food poisoning. The symptoms are mild illness with diarrhea which can last upto a week or two.

  • Symptom 12

Toxic agents like mushroom toxins can also be the cause of food poisoning. It can sometimes be deadly in some rare cases. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Symptom 13

Scombroid parasite causes food poisoning and the symptoms are burning around the lips and the mouth, presence of a red rash on the upper body, dizziness, headache and vomiting.

  • Symptom 14

The presence of pesticides in the intaken food can cause food poisoning which is identified by symptoms like cramps, headache and blurred vision.
Thus, the common symptoms of food poisoning has been reviewed.

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