Symptoms of headaches

Headaches could emerge from a number of reasons: stress, hunger, migraine, panic attacks, sinus problems or infection, fever to name a few. Sometimes, the headache is so severe that it may affect one’s vision and could also cause confusion, memory problems etc.

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Symptoms of headaches appear without any warning at all. Most headaches are associated with an underlying cause.

Sometimes the on-set of a headache is as simple as not having eaten anything. Hunger could cause distress in the body. Irritability and headache could ensue and this could be one of the symptoms for headaches. With this, obviously, getting something to eat and resting for a little while could help rid of the headache.

Stress could be another symptoms for headaches. The tenseness felt on the nape of the neck, that tight muscle could prevent normal blood flow to the brain and the stress or tenseness of the muscles and the veins could affect the head. Usually you know it’s a stress headache when you constantly rub the back or your neck, or you nape, and if the headache is above your forehead. The on-set of this type of headache is slow and builds-up with time. This is also known as tension headache.

Another symptom of a headache which is common albeit now well-known is a sexual headache. This happens from sexual exertion and the on-set of this headache is rather quick.

Other symptoms of headaches could be migraine headaches. This is when the vision is affected. Sensitivity to light occurs as well. Usually there is a trigger for the sudden on-set of a migraine attack either by the light entering the eyes, tension or stress could also trigger migraine attacks and in some women migraine attacks happen with their monthly menstrual period or before their period starts.

There are other symptoms of headaches where the on-set is sudden and the pain is severe. Sometimes meningitis or stroke could be an underlying symptom of headaches. At this case seek medical attention right away.

Other underlying causes for the symptoms of headaches could be life threatening as in a brain condition or cerebral aneurysm. If the headache is sudden and is too much to bear and is an unusual pain, play it safe and seek your doctor’s help right away.

If the headache wakes you up in the middle of the night, this is very ‘out of the usual’ or a headache first thing in the morning could also indicate a brain condition. If you feel this unusual and out of the ordinary run-of-the-mill headache, seek medical attention right away.

Because headaches are so common it’s so easy for us to brush it off and consider it just another headache. But please be aware of the symptoms and the pain associated with the headache. If the pain is unusual or out of the ordinary headache, and although it could be just a headache, please play it safe and talk to your doctor also ask for the best pain killer to take with the headache. For sinus infection headaches or stress/tension headaches acetaminophen or ibuprofen should help alleviate the pain as well as NSAID. Sometimes good ol’ snack and a nap will fight that headache off. If you are suffering from a migraine headache, stay in a dark room, drink caffeine and take your migraine medication. If you suffer from constant migraine attacks talk to your doctor about drugs that could help control the migraine at the first signs of it.

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