Symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones are often very painful and only a person who has witnessed that pain can explain how it is. It is compared to the pain experienced by a female while delivering a child.
Let us see the symptoms of kidney stones one by one.

  • Even though women are less likely to be affected, the males are the ones who usually suffer kidney stone disease.
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The first and foremost step that one can take as to whether he/she will get kidney stone is to have a look at the family history. If anyone from our previous generation has been affected by kidney stones, then there is a chance that we may also be affected by it unless we take suitable precautionary measures. If no one from our family has suffered from it, then there is less chance that we may also get affected by it.
  • Pain at the lower back or the pelvis is a warning sign or a symptom of kidney stones. If pain occurs in this area, then it can be almost declared that something serious and big is developing and it is time to visit a doctor right away. The level of the pain may be continuous or it may come and go at a constant schedule. But, it won’t disappear forever. It will come back in short intervals. It is easy for us to take a tablet or two to make the pain go away. But, that pain will again reappear after a couple of hours strongly and more accurately in its position. Even if the pain can be adjusted or tolerated, it must never be left unattended to.
  • Fever and fatigue is also a symptom of kidney stones. Many victims experience sharp acute pain. Even though an actual fever may not exist, you will still experience nausea and vomiting sensation as if you have a real fever.
  • Simple day to day tasks like walking becomes very hard and the pain would be too hard to tolerate. Even kneeling down becomes the next thing to impossible.
  • Presence of blood in the urine is an important symptom of kidney stones. Blood will actually be present in the urine or there would be small traces of reddish color in the urine.
  • Victims may also experience pain as if the stomach is being cut from the inside. If such a pain exists, then there is reason to panic and rush to a doctor right away.
  • The genital parts experience pain. Sex making becomes impossible as erection of the penis itself gives acute pain. This pain is almost unbearable.
  • The kidney stone may lead to forming of other diseases in the surrounding region if it is left unattended to. Sickness and vomiting develops which are vital symptoms of kidney stones.
  • Chills and shivering can also be experienced which are classified as another symptoms of kidney stones. Pain in the bones also prevails as with other parts of the body.

Thus, the symptoms of kidney stones have been illustrated above.

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