Symptoms of liver disease

The liver plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the human body. Hence, it is necessary to take good care of it.

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Liver is essential for important activities like reproduction, growth of the body and other activities of great importance. However, there are several chances for a normal human being to get affected by liver cancer diseases.
In order to find out any disorders in the human liver, it is necessary to sniff out the possible symptoms given below. Let us review the common symptoms of liver disease one by one for our convenience.

  • Symptom 1

The first important symptom of liver disease to watch out for in the case of a liver disorder is the menacing disease called jaundice. It contributes to the main reason for any practical liver disorder. There are many people attacked by jaundice. If the disease persists, then it is time to consult a doctor as there is a great chance that your liver may be in disorder. In the case of jaundice, skin color changes into pale yellow/orange. There is also a high chance for the gall bladder to be affected if jaundice is followed by flu. Hence, it is necessary to visit a local health specialist immediately in these times.

  • Symptom 2

Loss of appetite can also be the root cause for liver related diseases. When a patient suffers from loss of appetite, it automatically leads to loss of weight. Due to poor appetite, the patient has a high risk of becoming anemic. If the person becomes anemic, then vomiting and nausea are just round the corner and eventually the human body becomes too weak. Also, there arises a chance for blood to come in the vomits if there is any gastric ulcer in the body. This is an important symptom of liver disease. Timely visit of a doctor often helps in these cases.

  • Symptom 3

Light coloration of stool is said to be the starting stage of any liver disorder. This serves as an important means of diagnosing the symptoms of liver disease. Usually, the color of the stool becomes pale and light in color. This is because the bile production is very low. The color of the stool is dark and it becomes light only when bile production is low or there is some blockage in the bile duct. Even gray stool can be partitioned as light colored stool.

  • Symptom 4

Shape and appearance of the nails can also serve as a good way of diagnosing liver disorders. Whitish look and slightly curved nails indicate liver disorder.

  • Symptom 5

This is a rare symptom but still serves as a quick and easy way to sniff out any liver disorder. Nose bleeding is a rare symptom as it helps to identify liver disorder and lack of necessary proteins.

  • Symptom 6

Polydypsia and polyuria can be a human’s nightmare as it poses several problems. It is an important symptom of liver disease. To start off with, polydypsia means excessive need to drink water or large thirst and polyuria means uncontrollable urgency need to urinate at a constant time basis i.e often. Generally, these two symptoms help to identify several other diseases but liver related diseases can also be identified by the help of these symptoms.
Thus, the common symptoms of liver disease has been reviewed.

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