Symptoms of low potassium

The normal human body has a potassium level of 3.5 to 5.0 mEq/L. So, anything less than that is said to be a deficiency of potassium.

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When this level is lesser than the prescribed one, disorders occur in the human body.

  • Symptoms

There are several symptoms of low potassium. Let us review them one by one:-

  • Weakness

Since the level of potassium in the blood is too low, the human body becomes too weak to do the normal chores. Fatigue also occurs. The victim will feel tired even after walking for a short distance.

  • Cramps

This is a symptom of low potassium. Due to this, cramps may occur in legs and arms. Sometimes, the cramps may become so serious that it becomes impossible to move the arms and legs which is very much similar to paralysis. With proper medication, this can be overcome.

  • Nausea

This is an important symptom of low potassium. The presence of vomiting sensation is often accompanied by fever and headache. Due to excessive vomiting, the patient may experience stomach pain and cramps may also be experienced in the stomach. This predicament can exist for 3-4 days if proper medication is not given to the patient.

  • Large quantity of urine

When potassium is absent in the blood, and then excessive thirst arises. The victim feels a constant urge to drink lots of water. Every once in 30 minutes, he/she feels an urge to drink water. When excessive water is consumed, large urine is produced and so urination is also frequent.

  • Irregular psychological behavior

When potassium content is low, irregular psychological behavior is a symptom of low potassium. Depression, psychosis and confusion or seeing or hearing things are some of the irregular psychological behaviors. However, these symptoms can also occur to some brain related disease and so the doctor’s help has to be taken in diagnosing the symptoms.

  • Faint

When potassium content is low, the victim experiences faint for no apparent reason. This occurs due to low blood pressure. This predicament can sometimes exist till the patient recovers.

  • Constipation

This is an important symptom of low potassium. This occurs when the victim faces problem in releasing stool from the anus. This can be very painful at times and there is also discoloring of stool. Stool is found to be in pale color or grayish color.

  • Muscle weakness

This is a key symptom of low potassium. The victim cannot feel strong in his/her muscles. There exists the inability to exert force with one’s muscles to the expected degree.
Muscle pain
This is a vital symptom of low potassium. Here, the victim experiences acute pain in and around the shoulders. This pain is caused by the weak muscle which cannot do much strain.

  • Serious arrhythmias

This is a good symptom of low potassium. In this, the electrical activity of the heart is irregular. The heart may beat faster than normal or slower than normal.
Thus, the symptoms of low potassium have been discussed.

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