Symptoms of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs caused usually by an infection as well as bacteria, fungi, parasites or other forms of viruses could be a cause as well and often is a condition from another underlying cause like the flu. Pneumonia is categorized as mild to serious to life threatening.

This should not be taken lightly for anyone 65 years old and older, suffering from any chronic illness or low immune symptoms that said this could also hit younger, healthy adults.
A mild case of the pneumonia may also be known as “walking pneumonia”.

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This is when the symptoms of pneumonia are not severe enough to require bed rest. Usually, people with walking pneumonia are not aware they are even sick perhaps they would feel some fatigue but not badly enough to warrant bed rest. Often, patients would go to the doctor probably complaining of some chest pain which probably has been present for days, even weeks. Through chest x-ray is the best way to diagnose symptoms of pneumonia. Usually walking pneumonia is left untreated because most patients are not aware they are sick and often this is diagnosed when symptoms progress however unusual.
Symptoms of pneumonia is different for everyone as it is dependent on the underlying cause however it is often mistaken to be the flu, that said, fever is one of the symptoms. Chest pain and/or coughing could accompany the fever as well as SOB or shortness of breath; fever with chills, sweating, pleurisy or pain in the chest when breathing, body ache or muscle pain and fatigue are also some of the most known symptoms.
The above mentioned symptoms of pneumonia sound like someone suffering from the flu and so usually we treat this with fever medication. Once the fever breaks most patients think they got rid of the flu and so they resume normal activities, as much as they could, and then find themselves suffering from the same symptoms, again. Some patients would get rid of the fever and still have chest pains and only then do they see a physician. The inability to take deep breaths is another symptom of pneumonia.
Pneumonia is usually treated with antibiotics and although the patient could feel better, fatigue could still be lingering. The prognosis is usually 6 weeks before one would feel “normal” again. Bed rest is essential, drinking lots of fluid and taking it easy. Once inflicted with this infection, patients are more susceptible to have a relapse albeit with milder symptoms of pneumonia. Some patients have reportedly suffered from bronchitis after pneumonia.
Although symptoms of pneumonia is treatable do not take this lightly as this could lead to something serious and be life-threatening. Shortness of breath, persistent coughing, chest pain, fever accompanied by chills and sweating are signs to look out for.
If you are older in age, suffer from any injury or are taking medication or in chemotherapy, excess alcohol drinker and smoker – seek medical attention right away same with if you are on any medication that suppresses your immune system such as Prednisone.

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