Symptoms of prostate cancer

The bad thing about prostate cancer is that the symptoms are not that much clear in the early stages. So, the affected person would not realize that he/she is affected by prostate cancer until the cancer has spread to advanced stage.

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Signs and symptoms do occur but they depend widely upon how much the cancer has advanced and which stage it is currently in.
Let us see the symptoms of prostate cancer.

  • Urinating problem

The important symptom of prostate cancer is the presence of urinating problem. The prostrate tumor presses itself firmly on the tube that carries urine from the bladder. This causes trouble during urinating and also some pain.

  • Stop start urinating

The flow of urine will not be in a rapid flow. The flow of urine will be normal but suddenly, for no reason it will stop. Again, it will resume. This is another key symptom of prostate cancer. No other disease except some kidney related diseases will cause this symptom. However, this symptom occurs only when the cancer has spread to the advanced stage and when it does eventually occur, it is about time the patient goes and meets a doctor.

  • Decreased force of urine

This is another vital symptom of prostate cancer. The force at which the patient exerts urine won’t be fast. Even though the patient tries to exert urine at a fast rate, the urine will be pretty slow.

  • Presence of blood in urine

When the cancer develops around the bladder, it causes blood to be present in the urine. The urine will be a little painful to exert and also the color of the urine will be slightly reddish. The urine won’t be light in density. It will be very thick.

  • Presence of blood in semen

This is another major symptom of prostate cancer. The semen is found to contain traces of blood. This can be verified if the semen is not exactly white in color. The semen will be slightly reddish which shows that blood traces are present. However, this can be found out only when the patient has sex. Mostly, the patient may not notice this during sex making.

  • Swelling

Swelling may be rooted as another chief symptom of prostate cancer. This occurs when the prostate cancer has spread to the lymph nodes near the pelvis. Swelling usually occurs near the legs or even on the legs.

  • Bone pain

This is also a notable symptom of prostate cancer. Once the cancer starts to spread inside the body, the bones start to get affected directly. The bones become soft and tender and may not possess the usual strength. Pain occurs when the victim walks even for short distance and the pain may lost anywhere between 30-45 minutes.

  • Bone fractures

As seen in the above symptom of prostate cancer, since the bones become weak and tender, the bones are more prone to break or get ruptured at the slightest pressure.
Thus, the symptoms of prostate cancer have been discussed briefly.

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