Symptoms of stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer can occur due to a small hole in the gastrointestinal tract of the affected person.

  • General symptoms of stomach ulcer

The first and foremost symptom of stomach ulcer that the affected person can experience is constant discomfort in the stomach. The affected person will experience sudden acute pain in the stomach for no clear reason.

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This acute pain is bound to carry on as long as stomach ulcer persists. The pain is known to subside after the patient east something.

  • Another symptom of stomach ulcer is the experience of a sharp pain in the chest or below the chest. If such a pain exists anywhere near the chest region, then it is declared that the person is a candidate of stomach pain.
  • Some other important symptoms of stomach ulcer are indigestion, nausea, frequent vomit and loud burping combined with disinterest in food. However, in some rare cases, patients experience a notable increase in appetite.
  • A good symptom of stomach ulcer is that the patient often wakes up in the middle of the night and complains of stomach pain, emptiness or a bloating feeling in the stomach. In such cases, it is advised that the patient eats food in order for the pain to subside.
  • A patient suffering from stomach ulcer is bound to experience extreme levels of fatigue which weakens the body completely. Due to fatigue, weight loss occurs and weakens the patient’s body.
  • The color of the stool can serve as a good way of verifying one of the important symptoms of stomach ulcer. The presence of blood in the feces causes the stool to be dark in color which reveals the presence of stomach ulcer.
  • The chief symptom of stomach ulcer is the presence of sweat on the skin during night time. The patience experiences sweat even under cold climatic conditions which further reveals the presence of some disease in the patient’s body which is most likely to be stomach ulcer.
  • Vomiting of blood is another symptom of stomach ulcer. In some cases, the ulcer can rupture blood vessels which can cause the patient to vomit blood.
  • Burning sensation can also be an important symptom of stomach ulcer. This burning sensation exists for around 30 minutes after the patient has finished eating as it takes some time to subside. The burning sensation can be experienced directly inside the stomach regardless of how much the patient has eaten.
  • Whenever a person eats rice or any other spicy food, the pain the stomach starts to increase and it reaches a level which the patient cannot tolerate. This is an important symptom of stomach ulcer. During such pain, consuming an antacid often helps in decreasing the pain if not completely eradicate it.
  • Another symptom of stomach ulcer is the experiencing of indigestion. The food that is intake is not digested properly and so stomach pain arises again.
  • Loss of appetite is a chief symptom of stomach ulcer. The person who is affected will not feel the urge to eat food but is still compelled to eat it in order to avoid the stomach pain which will follow.

Thus, the key symptoms of stomach ulcer has been discussed.

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