Symptoms of weakness and sweating

It has been known that there are some people who could be in their best health and yet, one day, out of the blue they would have this sudden on-set of weakness, lightheadedness, sweating – perhaps cold sweats, and just an over all lack of energy. The most common reaction people would have is to lay down and drink soda or fruit juice and after a while they would feel much better.

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Is this normal? What do the symptoms of weakness and sweating mean?

Although we are aware that the most common trigger for sweating would be physical exertion or workout, we should also note that sweating could also be from stress or pressure and anxiety. Whereas, weakness could be due to a number of different reasons which could be anywhere from perhaps coming down with a fever or flu to something a little bit more serious like neurological problem.

But having the symptoms of weakness and sweating together could be a whole different story. Weakness and sweating could stem from anxiety, stress or nervousness. Remember, some people even pass-out when they are too nervous. Sweaty or clammy hands and weak knees.

Another reason for the symptoms of weakness and sweating could be from what you eat and drink or lack of both! When you have had nothing to eat, don’t you feel tired and restless and perhaps have a headache? Do you feel agitated and in a bad mood? And because you feel so “stressed”, you start to sweat and yet because you had nothing to eat then you feel weak too, light headed and neck pain? … makes sense, right?

One of the more obvious reasons for the symptoms of weakness and sweating would be obesity or being over weight! Carrying those extra pounds around could make you weak and, because carrying those extra pounds is heavy, you would feel weak too.

The symptoms of weakness and sweating could also stem from life changes as in: menopause or menstrual cycle on-set. Menopause causes hot flashes and sweating, the heart rate could be running just a bit faster and because of that, perhaps it’s caused some anxiety, stress and then weakness. For the menstrual cycle, although I have yet to hear reports about sweating due to their period, perhaps sweating due to the pain associated with the cycle – that could cause the sweating and the pain is so severe especially with Menorrhagia or heavy bleeding, the heavy bleeding alone could cause weakness.

And finally, for the symptoms of weakness and sweating, this could have a more severe or serious underlying reason. It could be the heart, perhaps the lungs, diabetes, or as mentioned earlier, something neurological.

Be sure to see your physician if the symptoms occurs frequently or is a new experience. It is best if you seek your doctor’s help – get some tests done to determine the cause and for better treatment. Do not ignore these symptoms for, as stated, it could be something serious. Please remember that the earlier the diagnosis the better the prognosis.

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