Symptoms of yeast infection

Usually, when we hear the word “yeast infection” we immediately think of vaginal yeast infection and, why not? That’s all that’s being advertised as if there are no other kinds of yeast infection. Having said that, let’s examine this yeast infection.

The most usually symptoms of yeast infection in women would be a vaginal discharge.

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A white pasty discharge accompanied by vaginal itching or irritation. Sometimes the symptoms of yeast infection could also include pain during urination or burning during urination.

Although vaginal yeast infection is so common there is such a thing as male yeast infection.

Symptoms of yeast infection in men are different from that of women and usually male yeast infection is not concentrated on the genital area at all. If there is a sign for penile yeast infection the most common symptom of yeast infection is the cracking or chaffing of the penile skin. Most men associate it with “dryness” of their partner that lead to the chaffing of the penis. This is not so. The dry skin is a common symptom of yeast infection. Sometimes, the skin is so dry that when there is erection the skin stretches and therefore stretching the dry skin and creating a cut.

Yeast infection, being a fungus, could travel on other parts of the body. Usually, having a normal immune system controls the spread of yeast infection. Any sort of sickness or oral antibiotic could cause the yeast to multiply and cause an infection.

Another symptom of yeast infection is thrush. Thrush usually occurs in children and it affects the mouth. It is when there are white patches in the mouth that sometimes could get so bad that the child cannot open their mouth and therefore cannot eat nor drink. This yeast infection could spread to the esophagus, creating esophagitis.

Esophagitis is when the throat is painful that you cannot swallow.

Vaginal yeast infection and penile yeast infection is contagious and could be spread during intercourse. Should a woman have yeast infection, it’s easy to tell and sex is usually avoided during the outbreak. However, because men usually do not have any symptoms of yeast infection, they do not know they have it and would carry on without knowing they are spreading the infection. Note, however, that in as much as you can spread yeast infection through sexual intercourse it does not always happen.

That said, it is also important to note that there are other ways to get yeast infection as in prolonged oral antibiotic medication, diseases such as diabetes or anyone with a weakened immune system.

Thankfully for us, there is treatment for symptoms of yeast infection and usually it is over the counter. That said, there are natural home remedies to treat yeast infection such as: eating yogurt – the lactobacilli found in yogurt helps control the yeast. And a widely used probiotics, which is also over the counter, can help keep the yeast at bay. Using organic coconut oil as a lubricant helps prevent the recurrence of yeast infection in both men and women.

During a yeast outbreak it is advisable to refrain from having sex as if one partner has it chances are the other one would have it too and having sex during an outbreak, a couple would be giving the infection back to each other creating a cycle.

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