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As the taxis become old the taxis are kept for sale. The taxis are also called as hackney or cab or hackney carriage or hack.

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Taxi means a automobile for doing the transportation by hiring the taxi. But in the UK hackney carriage means taxicab and the license are provided to the taxis by the public carriage office which is situated in the London or it may also be issued by the local authority of Great Britain or else by the environment department which is situated in northern island.

In USA the department of police of Boston has got the taxicab unit whereas there are taxicab regulators in other cities. The name hackey was derived from the French language. The terms that are used in the newyork like taxi driver, taxi stand and taxi license are derived from the word hackney carriage and taxi cabs are now looked after by the new york city taxi. The electric taxis came in to the market before the introduction of the internal combustion engine, so that old taxis for sale were kept. In 1947 the car was replaced by the horse drawn cab models. In United kingdom there are more taxicabs in order to pick up the persons to reach their place very easily. So if new tai models arrives in the market then the old taxis for sale are kept.

Nowadays we can book the taxis through the online so that you need not stand in a long queue in the hot sun in order to book the taxis. You can do everything through the online only. But still some of the cab drivers are using the old taxis. The Melbourne city which is situate din the Australia has introduced a new type of cab called horse-drawn cabs which is in a stylish manner so that it would be helpful in improving the tourism and development department. The most of the taxi cabs in the India are in black and yellow color and in UK also they are black in color from the olden days. Traditionally the 4door saloon cars have more popularity than the hackey carriages. But due to most of the persons are disabled so the taxi drivers are now demanding for the wheel chair fixed taxis such as Peugeot e7. and also other similar models. The other types of cars which are famous in the models are Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, lti, metrocab etc and in these vehicles only 6 or 7 members can sit inside it very carefully. Most of the black painted taxis for sale are having a turning circle of 25 feet.

In the UK that is in the London the taxi driver must pass the test called the knowledge test in order to know that you are a well taxi driver. In the London there are nearly 21,000 cabs that are black in colorlicensed by the public carriage office. In the US there are 250 taxis functioning in the areas like long beach, san francisco, Oregon etc. Thus the taxis for sale have become one of the businesses in the growing world.

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