Terminator 2 Trailer movie has some of the informations like in the year 2029 the computer becomes more self aware and they decide to wipe out entire humanity in a violent war.The humans who are lead by John Cannor are manages to win the battle against these deadly machines. This trailer also states that skynets is going to send one of the men like machines called robots, whose function is only to kill and it is called terminator, and it comes back in time to kill the leaders of human.

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It is must watching movie for everybody and technology used in movie is superb.

This movie Terminator 2 Trailer had made 100 million dollars of money and it is most expensive movie that had made in a film industry. This movie is winner of four academic awards in the year 1992. This movie got success on box office. This movie made an impact on popular culture and it has lot of influence on the actions of the people and in a science field. The visual effect of this movie has many effects such as computer generated special effects, generating for the first time natural human motion for the CG character and first time computer generated character for the one of the main character. This film won the many awards, which includes four academic awards and awards for make up, awards for sound mixing, awards for sound editing, and awards for visual effects.

In this, film Terminator 2 Trailer they are showing that about 3 billions lost their life on august 29th 1997.That day is called war judgment day. They lived only to fight against these machines.

This film Terminator 2 Trailer that called in short as T2, won the many awards in the year 1991.This film was co written and co produced by James Cameron. In this film, the human leader John Cannor learns skynets and he understands his murdering plan in the past itself and he sends one of the protectors for himself, that protector is nothing but his son Sarah Cannor.Sarah Cannor is 14-year-old boy in this film. They are trying to finish that judgment day when machines are going to kill the humans.

This film Terminator 2 Trailer was released on 19th may 1991.The second part of this Terminator 2 Trailer was also released which not only contains big robots, explosions, inspiring special effects it also has good talented acting, good story and good sense of film style. Only one complaint about this movie is that, it looks like a derivative of one of the movie called Zack Snyder’s Watchman movie when we are watching the nine-inch nail song. When we are thinking about fight of these robots in this present world, it does not make any sense, but when you see the fight of these robots in this movie, you will be more excited.Some of the people are not clarified with the question that why the Skynets wanted to destroy entire humanity, but movie is very good especially robot collisions will give you more excitement.

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