The Algerian Love Knot designed by London Based Celebrity Designer Sophie Harley

The Algerian Love Knot by Sophie Harley has been made exclusively for the attractive James Bond actress Eva Green by London based jewelry designer Sophie Harley. Eva Green performed Vesper Lynd in Ian Flemings’ James Bond Casino Royale and wore that necklace throughout the complete movie.

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The necklace is found afterwards once more, as James Bond, performed by Daniel Craig, is noticed to hold it with him throughout Quantum of Solace.

The unique handmade necklace features intertwined bands with classic symbols and is crafted from solid 18 ct gold and emblazoned with real diamonds.

As the price is certainly fixed to be top notch, the majority of people who would like to order an Algerian Love Knot Necklace will see they are not able to afford the $2.800 cost.

Having said that, the love knot as a sign of everlasting and endless love had captured the eyes, heads and hearts of an international crowd and its style and design gained worldwide recognition, mainly among James Bond fans. To make the Algerian Love Knot Necklace reasonable for the everyday shopper as well, equivalent necklaces showed up on the market, that are available for just a percentage of the cost. These necklaces tend to be similar to the authentic one for those on budget, although they are certainly not exact replications.

Also Vesper Lynd’s earrings in the movie Casino Royale had been designed by Sophie Harley. These amazing earrings, were designed exclusively for the movie and are crafted from oxidised silver with 18 carat gold plated detailing, and semi precious black & red garnet stone drop briolettes. The design of those earrings brought the motivation for replicas called Bond girl earrings.

However, for people where it fits the budget, a hand made replica of the Algerian Love Knot, which is manufactured from sterling silver and 22 carat gold plate, can be purchased either in the showroom of the London based celebrity designer Sophie Harley or ordered over the internet.

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