The breakfast club movie

The breakfast club movie was shot in the year 1980. To say in short, the breakfast club movie is 80s film with the 80s style of dressing and so on.

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It is mainly a teen film. This movie revolves around five teenagers. This film was directed by John Hughes. It is pretty amazing that the story was also written by the same John Hughes. This story is based that 5 teenagers from different schools spend a Saturday in detention. This film was shot entirely in sequence. The shooting of this film started on a fine March 28, 1984 and ended on May 1984.

Let us now see the main cast of the breakfast club movie.

John Bender: – the reason for his detention is nothing but pulling the fire alarm for a false reason. Hence, he was detained. This bloke is responsible for starting most of the events throughout the film. John reveals later in the film that he was a victim of child abuse particularly from his father.

Andrew Clark: – The reason for this bloke’s detention is for beating up a student and taping his buttocks together. He is an athlete and he faced a problem of always being pushed by his dad to win all the athletic competitions in school.

Claire Standish: – she is the princess of the group and the reason for her detention is for skipping class and going to the mall. She liked to be left alone during the detention. She is the pampered child of her parents and likes to be always in the company of her friends.

Allison Reynolds: – She is detained because she has nothing else to do. She is usually quiet especially in the first half of the film. She claims in the film that she has no friends which may be due to her silent behavior.

Brian Johnson: – this bloke is the brain of the group. He is detained for bringing a flare gun to the school. He is pressurized at his home for getting good grades in his studies. He faces a large amount of pressure daily which led him to experience depression.

These are the main characters of the breakfast club movie.

This film was an instant hit in those days. No fan of English movies from the 1980s is so if they claim that they didn’t see the breakfast club movie. This film was an absolute master class and it must be watched by all parents when their kids are in the age group of 14 to 18. The characters and the situations are normal and familiar even if you watching the film now in the year 2009. The plot of the story is such that these kinds of situations take place till now in the United States of America. This film was really an eye opener to many parents in the US as well as the adolescent children as it is a very good plot.

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