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Snow Patrol is a one more rock band from northern Irish, which was formed in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Snow Patrol is found in Belfast and is working with Polydor Records.

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At first formed as an indie rock group, Snow Patrol has sought after a more substitute rock and power pop sound in latest years on the heels of conventional achievement with the songs “Signal Fire” “Chasing Cars” and “Run”.

Snow Patrol team released their introduction album, called songs for polar bears in August 1998. This first record helped to increase their fame in the United Kingdom, where they turned into well-known for their cherished live presentations. The long tracklist for their first complete effort includes: “Get Balsamic Vinegar…Quick You Fool,” “One Hundred Things You Should Have Done in Bed,” and “When You’re Right You’re Right.” Totally there are nineteen songs are there in this album. Their original song titles and spacey indie explode tunes helped settle them shows and set the arena for a next complete length attempt.

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Travis, who has frequently been accredited for paving the method for bands such as Snow Patrol and Keane, is departing to be on trip through in the month of October of this present year. The Snow Patrol group will be coming to Taipei, Hong Kong, Salzburg and Singapore previous to settling in the United Kingdom. For an enormous tour to cities like Edinburgh, Inverness, Liverpool and Manchester. Admirers of this Scottish pop group must check out the present tour timetable.

Travis was also called as “Best Band.” There was no rejecting the fact that tickets for snow patrol in Travis were the new hot item on the market. Throngs of fans were lining up to get their chance to attend one of their packed

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