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Tom Cruise born in Syracuse in Newyork his father name is Thomas Cruise who is an electrical engineering and his mother name is Mary Lee she is an educational teacher and he is having two sisters one is Lee Anne and another Marian.Cruise completed his third,fourth and fifth in Robert Hopkins Public school later the entire family moved to Suburb of Beacon Hill here the cruise father taken the position of defence consultant in the Canadian Armed Forces and Cruise completed his sixth in Henry Munro Middle School which is the part of Carleton Board of Education. Cruise was very active in his Henry Munro Middle School by playing athletics and by playing hockey every night by showing hi self as a good player he also lost his front teeth while playing.

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While playing “British Bull Dog” game, he lost his newly tooth and also he hurted his knee.Cruise was also participating in the drama activity under the teaching of George Steinburg. He participated in the first drama by the name known as IT in his first drama he played the co-lead role with Michael de Waal.his first paly was so good that he even participated in other schools competitions around the Ottawa area and also he also played the same drama in Ottawa’s local TV station.Cruise mother Mary Lee encouraged his son in all aspects.

When Cruise was at twelve his mother Mary Lee left his father by taking Lee Anne and Cruise, because of poverty Cruise was doing newspaper delivery work by which he is getting the food later his mother Mary Lee married Jack South who is a plastics salesman. Not only in Ottawa Cruise also lived in Louisville, Kentucky, Winnetka, Illinois and Wayne and New Jersey among all these cities Cruise attended nearly eight elementary schools and three high schools later he approached the church scholar in Franciscan seminary and he was aspired by him to become a church priest. In his senior age he was playing football for the varsity team as a linebacker later he was removed from the team when once he was caught for drinking beer before the game start. Cruise did his graduation in Glen Ridge High School in 1980 which is at New Jersey.

Cruise started acting in film when he got knee injured while playing wrestling in his high school, while he was in injury he was auditioned successfully for playing lead role in Guys and Dolls under the production of his high school and later he decided to become an actor after his great success in this role. Like this the Cruise entered into the film land in 1980’s at the beginning he was playing the small roles and in 1983 he appeared as a teenaged actor. And in 1990’s Cruise got the similar success as he received in his previous year and he also received his academy award nomination for Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July. In 2000 the Cruise returned with the Ethan Hunt for his film Mission Impossible II which is directed by the Hong Kong director John Woo and he got the continuous block buster success at the box office. Cruise also stepped into the production field in 1996 by producing the mission impossible film for the first time, he won a Nova Award for Most Promising Producer in Theatrical Motion Pictures at the PGA and Golden Laurel Awards in 1997 for the production of the movie Mission Impossible II.In his production carrier he got married with Mimi Rogers. Cruise also get into the controversary by criticizing the actress Brooke Shields for taking drugs for her recovery after the birth of her first daughter in 2003.

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