Earlier Tom cruise was called Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, he is now popularly known by onscreen name Tom Cruise after the movie series of Mission Impossible and various other mega blockbusters. He was born on 3rd July 1962 in Syracuse, New York.

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When he was signed for the lead role in 1983 in a film Risky business, Tom cruise’s career started with heights after that there was no turning back for him. The movie has been considered as the “career maker” for the actor and a Generation X classic. He is also considered to be a fantastic film producer with an excellent action. He was awarded with Golden Globe award and also nominated for Academy awards three times. He played many exciting roles. Tom Cruise Height started from his starting film and today he is known with some films like Top Gun, secret agents Mission: Impossible1990-2000, Misogynistic male guru in Magnolia (1999), Hitman in Collateral (2004).Tom Cruise together with Paula Wagner in 2005, took the charge of United Artist film studio, with Wagner as chief executive and Tom as both producer and star. Tom Cruise is also known for its controversial support to Church of Scientology.

Though Tom Cruise Height has a glamorous career, there were many ups and downs related to his personal life and controversies. Tom Cruise Height suffered a big blow when his relationship with Mini Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and lastly with Katie Holmes came into light which has grabbed the attention of peoples both in and out of the media. Various controversies such as IAS Freedom Medal ceremony video, Oprah Winfrey Show incident, Scientology and discussion related to gay rumors have put up a huge question mark against Tom Cruise Height. With many rumors related to his name he is still consider to be the first preferred guy in the girl’s community. One famous magazine named People, rated him among the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1990, 1991 and 1997, according to Empire magazine he is among the 100 sexiest stars in the film industry. In 2002 and 2003, Premiere rated him in top 20 in its annual Power list.

In July 16, 2006, he also achieved top position in the Forbes magazine in the list of most powerful celebrities. In October 10, 2006 was declared as “Tom Cruise Day” in Japan because he has made more trips to Japan than any other Hollywood star. In the beginning of his career he was choosy about the script and preferred to do the roles in which he could mould himself properly as a result of which he galloped to the top ranking actor’s position in the world. Tom Cruise Height is about 5ft 7.75in (172cm) and is considered to below average. He has been ashamed numerous times in the media for being short height. Earlier his height used to be between 5ft 7 or 5ft 9 and carry the same weight of 147 pounds. Ex-wife Nicole is also considered to be couple of inches taller than Tom.

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