Top five Blueberry Growing states

The blueberry is found in a number of our dishes and is a grand fruit as to popular human consumption. However this brings up the question what are the top five blueberry growing states? The top five blueberry growing states naturally is a question that is in accord with the commercial agricultural aspect of growing blueberries.

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The state that is number one as far as the top five blueberry growing states is the state of Michigan. The northern state grows more blueberries than any other state.

Further addressing the question what are the top five blueberry growing states places Maine in the second position. The eastern seaboard state is set nose to nose with Michigan in the production of the delicious blueberry.

Out of the top five blueberry growing states the number three position belongs to New Jersey. Many persons are not aware that New Jersey ranks number three in the United States in the production of the fruit.

The fourth position as to the top five blueberry growing states belongs to Oregon. You’d think since Michigan, Maine and New Jersey are in closer proximity to each other that the fruit may be more regional as far as where it is grown. However, evidently this is not true. Oregon is distinctly clear on the other side of the country and certainly in another area. The blueberry plant flourishes in abundance in Oregon.

Fifth of the top blueberry growing states belongs to the lovely state of Georgia. The friendly southern state is a commercial hub as far as the manufacture of blueberries. In fact, it is quite surprising the blueberry is found growing this far south as in its original wild form is quite adaptable to cold climates. However, ask anyone from Georgia or even Florida for that matter and they will tell you the blueberry plant does quite well in southern climates. This is because there have been many crosses of the plant produced and approved by the Federal Department of Agricultural. These certain variants of the blueberry plants are ideally suited to the warm climates of the sunny south.

The blueberry plant in all of the states mentioned has no difficulties flourishing and this is good news for humans and wildlife alike. Farmers and blueberry gardeners are advised to keep their blueberries covered with a screen type of net to keep birds out of their blueberry gardens.

Also dependent on area of the country since now we are aware the top five blueberry growing states are not wholly regional wildlife considers the blueberry one of their favorite fruits when it comes to snacking. The blueberry is a particular favorite among bears.

Farmers on the commercial level know all the ins and outs evidently of protecting their blueberry crops which is a good thing as the fruit is enjoyed nationally in a host of dishes. Most of us have eaten blueberry pancakes or muffins at least once in our lives and they are also good in pies and for the diet conscious in fruit compotes. However, whether they are dressed up or dressed down there is nothing better for some than the delicious traditional blueberry.

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