Top ten beaches in the world

Beaches are always a star attraction for anyone be it a small child or an old parent. There are several beaches in the world.

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I have listed the top ten beaches in the world based on the user votings. Let us now look at the top ten beaches in the world.

Leucate Plage, France

This beach is found on the Mediterranean coast. This superb beach boasts of about 1 km of golden beach sand. This is a classic Mediterranean beach in the world. It attracts tourist from all over the world. The water is generally calm here and swimming is not a hard thing to do in this beach. This sea is very much popular with families. There are many sea side resorts here which makes it a comfortable place to check into once you have reached the beach. Also, there are several restaurants of great quality which can provide all the sea food that you want. No wonder this beach finds its place in the top ten beaches in the world.

Playa Es Pregons Gran, Balearic islands

This beach is found on the south coast of Majorca. This place has an excellent layer of silver and golden sand where children can play. This is an excellent place if you are a big fan of picnicking. Whether it be your family or your girlfriend, you can pop in to this beach to enjoy a good time with them. The route to the beach is a 15 minute pleasant walk from the shore.

Haulover Beach, Florida USA

This beach is found on the northern side of Miami district. This beach has large number of visitors all round the year. This beach boasts of glorious weather all through the year which is the main reason for attracting large number of visitors. Refreshments, patrol and umbrellas facilities are all available at close quarters.

Vera Playa, Spain

This beach is found in the Costa Almeria region. This is nothing but Spain’s capital of bare bathing. Beach bars and sunbaths are all available here. No wonder it is one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Banana Beach, Greece

This beach is found at Greece. Banana beach is famous for its nude bathers. Since the beaches are yellow and curved, these beaches are called as banana beach.

Valalta, Croatia

This beach is available near the Rovinj area. This is also a beach for people who love to get naked and lie around in the beach. Nude bathers are a big fan of this beach.

Playa de Maspalomas, Canary Islands

This beach consists of hundreds of acres of sand dunes. These sand dunes look just like the Sahara. It is 3 kms long from one end to another end.

Euronat, France

This beach is in France. It is considered to be a very famous beach which attracts large number of tourists every year.

Plakias Beach, Greece

This beach consists of a fabulous setting of cliffs and mountains. There are shower facilities also available here. The nude are is available at the last section of the beach.

Les Grottes Plage, France

This beach si found at the Mediterranean region. This is also a nude beach that attracts tourists from the neighboring areas.

Thus, the top ten beaches in the world have been discussed.

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