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Are you going to Tour warrnambool? Warrnambool is a regional city on the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia. This city has a population of 28,200+.

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It is at the western end of the Great Ocean Road, but is more quickly reached along the Princes Highway, 265 kilometers and 3 1/2 hours from Melbourne by road or rail. Do not miss the followings places when you go to Tour to Warrnambool. According to me Warrnambool is the best tourist place.

In these days many people are visiting the Warrnambool. It is one of the tourist destinations. There are many beautiful places to watch in Warrnambool. The places that I watched in my Warrnambool are commercial centers around Liebig Street, Kepler Street, Koroit Street and Timor Street.
My best part of the tour at Warrnambool was fishing. You can do fishing about 5 hours at warrnambool tour. The guides give instruction on how to catch the different fishes. If are interested in fishing, you will enjoy more.

Warrnambool has a variety of beautiful places. There are many beaches in the warrnambool. The best beach is sandy expanse beach. This beach is situated at the top of Lady Bay. You can do horse ridding on the beach. This is another most important part of the tour. The logon’s beach is another beautiful beach to watch. The most important is whale watching. The whale watching season is mainly between May and October.
Behind the beach there is Lake Pertobe Adventure Park. The has spread over 34 acres. This park has playgrounds, fitness equipment, BBQs, a kiosk, and a large lake with footbridges, islands and paddle boats. Another beach is Logans Beach. This beach is adjacent to the Hopkins River. This is most beautiful part of the Warrnambool tour.

This place is very beautiful to watch during the calving season between June and September. In this season many mammals migrate to this place from other places.

In Warrnambool, there are many gardens. The beautiful garden to watch is the Botanic garden. Another best to watch in warrnambool is the Hopkins Falls. This falls is located on the Hopkins River, which is at east of Warrnambool. This place consists of many picnic areas and walking tracks.
This falls is a small waterfall falls. It is located on north of the city. You can walk to the falls. This place has a very small car park area.

The tower hill
The tower hill is 15 km from the heart of the city. This place consists of many animals like koalas, emus, kangaroos, and many other water birds.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is another beautiful place to watch. If you want to know complete history of Warrnambool, please visit Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum.

Historic Wollaston Bridge is a small bride. But it is very beautiful to watch. This bride is constructed in the year 1890. This bride is constructed using suspension cables.

The Mahogany Ship
This is 10km away from the Warrnambool city. This ship has a history of 150 years.

Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground
This play ground is adjacent to Main Beach.
The games that can be played are cable walk across Children’s Lake, a Tarzan rope swing, flying foxes and general children’s play equipment. This area has a plenty of parking space, picnic areas and electric BBQs.

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