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This is the very advance and computer network time so everybody wants fast working and implementation of their plans. So if someone suddenly makes a plan to travel and want to go anywhere else so he wants to book his travel ticket according to his travel medium and travel budget.

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So there are so many travel agents online and travel agencies by which anybody can book his online ticket and get his online ticket softcopy. And with the help of printer he can get the printout of his online ticket. These travel agents online and online travel agencies are directly connected with travel medium like some travel agent is connected with US airlines. So some famous travel agents and travel agencies are as following

1. Expedia Travel Agency:

This travel agency provides online booking of air ticket, bus ticket, train ticket and etc.
It work very fast and provide e-tickets in few minutes.

2. Travelocity Travel Agency:

This travel agency work online and book every type of online tickets and deliver e-ticket in a fast manner.

3. Price line Travel Agency:

The growth of this agency is increased by thirty percent in this year. This travel agency provides all the facility of online ticket booking of every medium.

In USA around thirty percent travel tickets booked online so there are so many travel agencies are working .Most of them provide online and fast ticket delivering. Most travel agency provides hotels and taxi booking with travel ticket. The most travel Agencies are connected with every type of hotel chain and taxi. So as the traveler demands and according to traveler choice they provide online booking of that hotel and taxies. Some of on line travel agents online and travel agencies provide many types of online travel offer like they provide many types of holiday package according to traveler budget.

Many of online travel agencies provide very cheaper travel ticket according to company scheme and company policy. Travel agents online and travel agencies provide offers in round trip. Means if any traveler is leaving from his source and will comeback to his destination then it will be a round trip and if any traveler is doing round trip then many of companies will provide many types of travel offer with them traveler can save a lot money. Any Traveler can get offer from any company if they are many person. Means in any travel if there is any family or any group is traveling and in the family or group there are many persons then they can get an attractive offer from online travel agency.

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