Try THIS Massage To Calm Your Dog’s Nerves

If your dog is often getting anxious, this massage is a great way to get them to calm down.

This massage will reduce their anxiety as well as any stress they may be dealing with. As those melt away your dog will stop being so afraid of what is going on around him or her.

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They will start to interact better with family and guests too. They will even do better with other household pets.

Its great to do just before you have guests or if your dog is having trouble sleeping.

#1 To get started choose a good time and a good place for the massage to take place. You want it to be free from any type of distraction that will bother your dog. Focus on the massage for 20 minutes without any interruptions. Some dogs respond better to the massage if you play soft music as well so you may want to consider that as well.

#2 Get yourself into a comfortable position. You want your dog in front of you with your knees open. Take off the collar and then start to pat the head of your dog. Speak very softly to him or her as well and you will notice that your dog immediately starts to relax. Move your hands so that you can slowly rub the fur on the back of the dog’s neck. You want to create a rhythm as you do this so pay attention to the movements that your hands are making.

#3 Continue to speak softly to your dog as all of this is going on. Move your hands to the skin that is on top of the muscles. Your dog will even lower the head in order to allow you to access to this area. They will also continue to become more relaxed. This is when you want to reach for the loose skin around the next and massage it. Move your hands forward and back to cover the entire area.

#4 You may want to move to the area over the top of the spine as well as around the ears if your dog continues to keep his or her head down and to be enjoying the massage that is taking place. Keep in mind that the massage should last at least 20 minutes for your dog to get the full benefit. However, it can last much longer than that if you would like to keep going.

You can also engage in the practice any time you wish. However, make it a priority to do so at least once a week. You can also engage in this technique when your dog starts to show signs of being anxious. This can do wonders when you have been frustrated due to behavior problems with your dog.

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