Pickup trucks are considered as light weight vehicle specially designed with open top cargo area for pulling and carrying heavy goods. Cargo area is mainly considered as the bed which is mainly designed for carrying heavy loads for a long distance.

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Various companies such as Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Subaru design trucks with beds but are not considered as pick up trucks. Chassis flex which are provided in the Used 4 * 4 Pick up Trucks prevent the sheet metal from twisting.

Highly sophisticated pickup trucks are now manufactured in Australia which usually carries 250kg of loads. Vehicles are known by various names in different countries such as bakkie in South Africa, utility in New Zealand and Australia, Slipper in Romania etc. Used 4 * 4 Pick up Trucks are designed differently based on different countries and the design details are strictly confidential. North America mainly comes with six cylinder engines, medium size and compact with 4 engines.

The first Used 4*4 Pick Up Trucks was designed by Ford, which has its rear body modified, It cost $281 and was sold in the year 1925 which is replaced in the year 1928 with modified engine (40 horse powered). From 1918 to 1934 many modified Pick Up trucks are manufactured. Some of the common Used 4*4 Pick Up Trucks are the cabs which are considered conventional i.e. compact pickups, it is mainly popular in North America made by the Toyota company, full size pick up truck which are large and can at least carry 450kg are made by Ford company, medium size pick up truck built in 1987 to distinguish it from compact trucks. Now a day it is prepared by Mitsubishi Company. Various high performance Used 4 * 4 Pick up Trucks are now a days manufactured like Warlock1976-79(Dodge), Maloo (1990), Lightening (1993-1995), Chevrolet 454 SS etc.

Based on the configuration the pick up trucks are now categories as standard cab, extended cab, Crew cab, cab forward. More over the pick up trucks are available with different beds attached, such as short bed, long bed and very short bed. Most of the compact trucks are 50 in wide, full size are between 60in and 70 in wide. Couple utilities are considered as the light-duty truck provided with integrated cargo bed and 2door passenger cabin. Used 4*4 Pick up Trucks are mainly utilized by North America. China also utilizes pick up trucks for its development, Thailand is the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world, Europe manufactures light pick up trucks, Latin American super minis are popular with local peoples, in South Africa pick up ford is famous.

Used 4 * 4 Pick up Trucks are mainly built for trades all over the world because it can withstand extreme conditions. It is also utilized in military troop carriers, as racing trucks because of race chassis, it is also utilized as Campers b modifying the arrangements inside, as Fire vehicle because emergency lights and sirens can be mount on it, as local law enforcement. Used 4*4 Pick Up Trucks are used widely and exported and imported to various places in order to get proper service..

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