VCD burning program

Lots of VCD burning programs are available in the market. So burning movies and videos into a disc has become so simple with the help of these programs.

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With the advancements in technology everything is possible in today’s world. You don’t need to waste a DVD when you can store a movie in a CD itself. You can easily burn a VCD using a good VCD burning program. Most of the DVD players are able to play VCDs and that too exactly like the DVDs including the options and the menus which can be customized. Let me tell you about a software program which is most frequently used by every one to burn a VCD.

Nero’s burning room is the best VCD burning program available in the market. This software also helps creating audio CDs and movies and mp3 CDs it can also be used to burn DVDs. This is quite an user friendly software and very easy to use. Just follow the instructions provided in the manual of the software for the installation and then you can get started to create your first VCD. Even if you don’t have much knowledge on computers you will be able to learn how to use this software as a VCD burning program in a day or two.

Now let me take you through the steps to create a VCD using this VCD burning program. The first step is to purchase the software from a vendor or you can download it from the internet but it is not available for free. Search for Nero start smart in the net which is including the Nero burning rom. You can do many things using this software apart from burning VCDs. You can make movies and mp3 CDs and use as a player too. It also consists of a media player where you can watch movies.

Once you install this VCD burning program into your system you are ready to use it. Just go through the installation process and then click finish. Then when you will open the software a menu will be displaying various categories to you. Search for a pull down menu at the upper end and choose the option CD. Then you will have to click on the label displaying “make a CD”. After clicking on it one window will be opened in front of you and that is the Nero burning rom which is the VCD burning program. You will find one add files tab at the bottom, just click on it and then select the videos that you want to burn into the CD from your computer. There is also an option to drag the video files into the folder so it makes your task even easier and quicker. You can sort the videos by pressing the arrows beside them or just dragging them in order. Then you can change the titles and give whatever title you like.

After you are done with all the editing in this VCD burning program you can click the next button. It will show you the preview you can see the VCD videos and menus then again click next. Finally the burn button will appear press the burn button and your VCD will start burning.

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