Walking pneumonia symptoms

Walking pneumonia is also called as atypical pneumonia. It is not like normal pneumonia.

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A person suffering from walking pneumonia can walk around even when he/she is under the attack of this disease. This disease is generally caused by viruses, bacteria etc
There are several symptoms of walking pneumonia. Some of them are explained below :-

  • Symptom 1

The first walking pneumonia symptom is lethargy. Lethargy is nothing but that a person suffering from this disease will always be in a state of sluggishness or a state of unconsciousness which resembles deep sleep. This can be explained as a good notable symptom of walking pneumonia syndrome.

  • Symptom 2

Cold is a good symptom of walking pneumonia. The severity of the cold is bound to increase gradually with time as the disease reaches the patient’s chest. This will help to distinguish between a common cold and a walking pneumonia cold.

  • Symptom 3

Sudden chills are said to be a natural symptom of walking pneumonia. A person suffering from this disease will often experience a sensation or feeling of coldness along with shivering and chattering of teeth.

  • Symptom 4

Another important symptom to watch out for is the presence of mild headache which will slowly increase at a constant rate. Generally, fever is accompanied by headache. In some cases, rashes have been reported to form in the throat which can also be argued as a symptom of walking pneumonia.

  • Symptom 5

When a person is suffering from walking pneumonia, he/she will experience a running nose throughout the duration of the disease. The mucus will be watery.

  • Symptom 6

Another significant symptom that one can experience is acute body pain. Pains near the abdominal area, nose, eye, muscles and chest can be felt. In some cases, the patient will feel so much pain that he/she cannot even stand up and walk.

  • Symptom 7

Presence of continuous cough is said to be a walking pneumonia symptom. Since the patient will be continuously coughing, he/she will experience a sore throat which often becomes very dry at times. Sometimes blood will also come during heavy coughing.

  • Symptom 8

Breathing problem is said to be a walking pneumonia symptom. Since the patient will always be under a state of fatigue, he/she will experience shallow and constant heavy breathing. Shortness of breath has also been reported.

  • Symptom 9

Decrease in appetite can also be reported as a symptom of walking pneumonia. In this case, the patient will not feel the urge to eat food and so body becomes weak and becomes less immune. As a result of this, the patient experiences steady loss of weight.

  • Symptom 10

Upon physical examination by a doctor, expansion of the human chest is found to be decreased especially on the side where it is affected.

  • Symptom 11

The nature of the skin can often reveal the presence of walking pneumonia. If the skin is found to be sweaty or clammy, then it can be assumed that it is a symptom of walking pneumonia. In this case, the skin is always found to be in a state of wetness.
Thus, all the notable symptoms of walking pneumonia have been discussed briefly.

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