what are side effects of a heart attack

Ever heard of the clinical term Myocardial Infarction or Coronary Thrombosis and even Coronary Occlusion? This all means one thing … Heart Attack. A heart attack is when the blood flow to the heart is blocked by either plaque buildup on the veins or a blood clot.

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When the heart does not get enough blood oxygen it pumps slower and harder and thus damaging it. This is the leading cause of death in men and especially in women in the US. Luckily for us, there are treatments available for this disease AND we can prevent the on-set of a heart attack by a number of things like eating right, avoid smoking and being active as in exercising 3 to 4 times a week either by walking or running or other forms of activities. That said, some of the treatments for heart attack could cause some sort of side effects as in any other medication we take.

After a heart attack the doctor will recommend REST – this is important however, it is also important that you be active too. The introduction to day to day physical activity has to be slow and limited and eventually you’d be up and about again. In some cases, the doctor would recommend more physical activities for you to avoid another heart attack. Before you start any workout routines make sure you check with your physician first.
Some patients feel depressed after a heart attack. Some patients feel anxious wondering and scared if and when they suffer another heart attack. Talking about your fears to your physician, reassure your family and perhaps even speaking to a counselor may help.

Chest pains after a heart attack may be experienced but the pain should feel like a light pressure on the chest. Normally, the pain will be felt during or after a workout, after a heavy meal, and heavy emotional feelings. If the pain feels heavier or the chest is tighter make sure to call your physician right away.

Other side effects brought on by a heart attack, besides the life changes already mentioned, would typically come from medications. Various medications come with various side effects. Make sure to speak to your physician about what the effects are and if you are on medication and are feeling the side effects, call your physician and discuss how you are feeling.

Going for a cardiac rehabilitation program would be the best thing to do. Knowing the proper exercises, having the knowledge of choosing the right and proper nutrition for you cannot hurt but instead help your condition get better.

The biggest effect in a patient’s life, after having a heart attack, would be the change in their lifestyle. If you smoke, you’ll have to quit smoking less you want to continue making your hear weaker. Being more active and having a workout routine and lastly, have a healthy diet. Avoid fatty foods, eat those that are rich in vitamins and minerals and eat RIGHT. Change in your lifestyle and habits would be the biggest effect of a heart attack.

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