What are the causes of heart diseases

Heart diseases can occur in anyone’s body and they are known to be extremely fatal. 5 out of 10 people who die due to the attack of any disease die due to heart related diseases.

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Heart diseases can exist in several forms. According to a recent survey by the World Health Organization, 12 million people die due to heart diseases every year and it is the highest in the list of people who die to some diseases.

There are several risk factors or causes for heart diseases. The more risk factors you have, then the more vulnerable you are to suffer a heart disease.

Let us see the causes of heart diseases one by one on an orderly basis:-

* Hypertension

Hypertension is also called as high blood pressure. Hypertension increases out chances of suffering a stroke or a heart attack or any other heart related disease. If you smoke or have high blood cholesterol, then the chances of getting a heart disease increases dramatically. Blood pressure is known to change from one person to another person based on activity and age.

* High blood cholesterol

This is an important cause of heart diseases. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance which is present in all the cells that is present in our body. Liver is solely responsible for producing cholesterol. Extra cholesterol enters our body when we eat food that is rich in cholesterol like meat, eggs and other dairy products. Mutton is said to contain high cholesterol.

* Diabetes

Another important cause of heart diseases is the presence of diabetes in the blood. 7 out of 10 patients who suffer from diabetes are known to suffer a heart disease at one stage or the other. Asian people have a greater risk of getting diabetes due to the food items that they consume and also the climatic conditions. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, then it is necessary to be under the watchful eyes of a doctor to reduce the risk of a heart disease.

* Obesity and extra weight

Extra weight of the body is known to be the cause of heart diseases. When the body is heavier than it normally should be, the body is said to be rich in cholesterol levels and it poses a great threat of being vulnerable to attacks such as heart diseases. On the other hand, obesity increases the chances of developing high blood pressure and heart attacks and diabetes may also be included in this list.

* Smoking

Many people are under the common impression that smoking increases the prospects of lung cancer and throat cancer but they are unaware of the fact that smoking increases the prospectus of heart related diseases also. It is found that smoking increases heart rate and it may also cause abnormal heart beating rates. Smoking can also increase blood pressure.

* Absence of physical activity

People who do not do physical activities such as exercises have a greater risk of suffering from heart related diseases rather than people who exercise regularly. Exercising helps to burn calories, reduce blood pressure and reduce the cholesterol levels. When all of these decreases, the chances of heart related diseases also decrease simultaneously.

Thus, the causes of heart diseases have been elaborately discussed.

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