What attracts the Virgo Man

Many women will ask the question: What attracts the Virgo man. This is a good question as of all the signs in the Zodiacal Universe it may be said that the Virgo man because of his reliability is considered quite a good catch.

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Before addressing the question, it may be helpful to gain some perspective on the sun sign. Virgo is the sign represented by the Virgin. Individuals born under the sun sign are generally good, reliable decent human-beings. Whether it be man or woman Virgo can make a very companionable mate as long as the other sign is complimentary. The birth dates of persons born under the sun sign of Virgo run from August 23rd to September 22nd. Additionally, with respect to the question: what attracts the Virgo man the sign of Virgo is considered an earth sign. This means out of the four elements associated with the various Zodiacal signs consisting of earth, fire, air and water that earth sign Virgo is most compatible with other earth signs or certain water signs.

However that said compatibility does not truly answer the question what attracts the Virgo man. In order to give the question the best consideration it may be helpful to first look at the traits of the Virgo man. The male sun sign like female Virgo is quite the perfectionist. He is also a good person and considered practical and reliable.

His perfectionism extends to his personal appearance as well as his manner with other people and he is not one to step on toes or create waves: in fact quite the opposite. He is one who wants to get along well with others.

However, in answering the question what attracts the Virgo man it may be well to approach the question from the angle as to what he doesn’t like. He will not respond well to you if you are in the least bit indecent. This means even if you are the most desirable, best-looking woman in his world if you are indecent or ill-mannered in any sense of the word he will not ever be interested. Therefore in answering the question: what attracts the Virgo man, the woman will need to be mannerly and we might as well state ladylike.

The Virgo man is very much the perfectionist therefore you will need to assure you are properly attired as to the occasion and you are always neat and tidy as to your appearance. The question: what attracts the Virgo man can further be answered in conveying since he is such a perfectionist you too will need to become one. It will be important that every one of your hairs be in place, your makeup not too heavy and flawless in application and your clothes free of wrinkles. He will appreciate your attention to detail with regard to your appearance and respective of the question what attracts a Virgo man.

Also you must be well apprised of social graces and always be on your best behavior. The preceding characteristics are summarily what attracts the Virgo man.

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