What causes a person to blackout?

Passing out or fainting is something that experts say about half of all the people will go through at least once in their life. What causes a person to blackout? The reasons are all different.

Some people pass out after giving blood.

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It could be that the fainting, or syncope, is due to a nervous reaction from the needle. This is actually a very common occurrence. The nerves control the heart rate and the blood pressure send a signal to the heart to slow down making the blood vessels dilate and in doing so the blood pressure drops. The blackout happens because there isn’t enough blood going to the brain. This could be what causes a person to blackout.

Sometimes, what causes a person to blackout is from changing positions. A person may be kneeling down or bent over and the sudden movement from the lower position to standing position could cause a momentary blackout. That’s because when we are down, the blood goes down to our lower extremities. It takes a few second for the blood to circulate back all the way to our head.

Working in hot conditions could also be what causes a person to blackout. When it’s hot out it’s easy for us to be dehydrated and suffer from heat stroke. When it’s hot out and you have to work out in the heat, be sure to drink lots of water. Go under a shade as much as possible but it is very important to keep yourself hydrated.

Having a low blood sugar level could be another reason for what causes a person to blackout. People with low glucose levels, or hypoglycemia, could suffer from fainting spells.

Small and quick blackout spells are usually from constricting blood oxygen to the brain however constant or chronic blackouts could mean something more serious and often times it’s due to a heart problem. Abnormal heart rhythm and rate is due to a problem with the electrical conduction to the heart. With such problems, a patient will need a pacemaker. This is a very serious reason for what causes a person to blackout.

Should you suffer from chronic fainting or blackout spells be sure to see your doctor and have a full work-up to determine the cause for the blackouts. Fatigue, hypoglycemia, sleep apnea could cause fatigue to a patient and therefore could cause an overwhelming weakness and although it could seem like a blackout but perhaps it could be falling asleep. And less we forget, if you abuse alcohol or any other illegal drugs – these could lead to blackouts as well. Beware however for you may end up with alcohol poisoning or overdose.

If you lose consciousness or blackout for a long time, more than a few minutes, the underlying cause could be something really serious. See your doctor immediately and explain what you were doing when the blackout came, what activities you were involved with, how you felt before the blackout came. Tests will be done to determine the cause.

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