What causes hangovers

True enough that drinking too much alcohol is the main cause of hangovers but how come some people could drink and drink and not get a hangover whereas others could have the worst hangover after maybe only 2 or 3 drinks?

What causes hangovers although is due to the amount of alcohol consumed but it also has a lot to do with the person’s body. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it flushes the water out of our system by increasing the need to urinate.

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It is said that methanol and acetone, found in some drinks, give the worst hangovers than that of ethanol.

What causes hangovers is too much alcohol drains our body of substances we need to stay healthy. Water is needed in the system. No water to fight off the effects of alcohol will lead to dehydration. When you are dehydrated you, obviously, feel the need to drink more however since you are busy partying, you reach for more alcohol instead of reaching for a glass of water to hydrate you. The alcohol will go right through your system whereas the water will be absorbed by your body and hydrates you. So therefore, the more alcohol you drink the worse the hangover, the more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you become and even worse hangover — this is what causes hangovers.

Other products contributing as to what causes hangovers? Any beverage that has impurities or preservatives can cause a hangover even if you drink but one. Certain liqueurs could have these impurities.

The main reason as to what causes hangovers is consuming too much of a good thing. Too much alcohol makes you urinate more and therefore makes you dehydrated even more so. So, what causes hangovers? I’d say it’s a combination of dehydration and alcohol!

If you do have a hangover, you are going to feel very, very thirsty. If you feel like gulping down that glass of water, hold on. If you gulp down that water you might end up vomiting or upsetting your stomach even more. Introduce any liquid, no more alcohol please, slowly into your system. Go slow. Take an aspiring. Have a nice warm breakfast and perhaps a cup of coffee. I would not be drinking orange juice or citrus drinks as the combination of citrus and alcohol? I’m not sure about that effect. But rather, stick with your water – it has no calories, it’s great to hydrate your body and your body needs it.

If you feel your stomach is not queasy but you are feeling way too tired, have a glass of water but reach for a Gatorade too. You’ll need a boost of electrolytes in your system. If your stomach does not feel well, try sodium bicarbonate or also known as baking soda. Mix it with your glass of water to help steady your stomach.

Being active, instead of laying in bed nursing your hangover, is the best thing to do. Go out and try to sweat that alcohol out of your system.

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