What causes high blood pressure and high pulse rate

There are a few things that causes High Blood Pressure which then leads to tension and then affects your heart. But, what exactly is high blood pressure? It is the pressure pushed by the blood circulating on the walls of the vessels and is a vital sign in your overall being.

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When the heart beats it beats at a maximum and minimum also known as ‘systolic’ and ‘diastolic’. Your blood pressure in the arterioles and it will continue to go down as it travels through the capillaries and then via the veins it goes back to your heart. The blood pressure refers to the pressure measured at a person’s upper arm.

The systolic number (the heart beating at the maximum) measures the force the blood exerts on the artery walls and the diastolic number (the lower or second number) measures the force as the heart relaxes and allows the blood to flow back into the heart.

The blood pressure reacts to whichever activity we are involved in. When the blood pressure is elevated your pulse rate or heart rate may vary during static or active exercises.

An excellent number of blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg (millimeter in mercury). Other numbers are categorized as optimal, normal, high and hypertensive.

An elevated systolic pressure could mean danger and be a sign of a heart attack and even stroke. And a high diastolic pressure (the lower number) is a strong indicator of heart attack and stroke which anyone of any age with hypertension.

Although high blood pressure and a high pulse rate affects anyone of any age both men and women are at a higher risk as they age. Studies show that more men suffer from hypertension than women until they reach the age of 55 after which the numbers reverse – over time women lead the numbers on hypertension than men and as an overall number, women suffer more from hypertension than men do.

Ethnicity seems to play a role in high blood pressure too. Studies show that 36% of African – American decent have hypertension and with this number 40% accounts for the death rate. Of all ethnicities, high blood pressure in African American is the highest in the world, whereas the rate is much lower in Asian Pacific Islanders.

Obesity accounts as the major reason for the on-set of high blood pressure. Even in heavier men, not obese, are at risk for developing hypertension and in fact the blood pressure increases due to an increase in weight. Even children who are obese may suffer from hypertension.

Although overweight people would have a higher blood pressure, thin people are at a higher risk for heart attack. This is because thin people with hypertension could have an enlarged heart which could then lead to an elevated blood pressure.

Family history plays an important role in hypertension or high blood pressure. It has been reported that 30% to 60% of cases are due to family history. Interestingly, coming from a family with a sibling suffering from premature CAD (coronary artery disease) is at great risk for contracting hypertension than having a parent with such disease but having a family history of heart disease puts one as at major risk for high blood pressure.

Emotions play a factor too in high blood pressure. People who suffer from depression or anxiety are at higher risk than those without emotional problems.

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