What causes red moles

Red moles are found in many persons. Red moles are caused by more or less the same thing that causes other types of moles.

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Red moles ruin the look of the face and they are painful and often irritable. Unknowingly, if we happen to pinch the red mole during our sleep, then blood starts to come from the red mole. Hence, it is extremely important to deal carefully with these red moles so that they do not pose a problem in the future.

There are several causes for red moles. Now, we are going to broadly discuss each cause one by one in details. Here go the causes of the red moles:-

* Heredity

This is the important cause of the presence of red moles in the body. People whose ancestors had malignant melanoma are known to suffer from red moles. These types of moles that are caused by heredity are often harmless in most number of cases but if they are exposed to sunlight, then they can cause alarming changes. Some of these changes may be increase in the size of the moles, bleeding, different shape and different colors on the same mole.

* Exposure to sunlight

This is said to be the most important cause of red moles till date. Red moles are usually said to be the signs of an irritated or problematic mole. The mole would have been brown and normal at the starting. But, when it is exposed to sunlight, it starts to turn red and usually it becomes a red mole with all the necessary symptoms of a red mole. So, sunburn may cause the ordinary mile to turn red. If these moles are not cured with the help of proper advice and medication from a doctor, then the chances are that it will turn cancerous. This can be very disastrous because only few persons in the world have got cancer due to red moles. The six hours between 10AM to 4PM is said t be the time when the UV is at its alarming high. Hence, it is necessary to cover the moles without exposing it to this sunlight burn.

* Irritation

Irritation is another cause of the red mole. Initially, a red mole would be brown. But, by irritation, it can turn red. Irritation occurs when clothes press against it when wearing dress. At such times, it is necessary for the affected person to be extremely soft and careful in handling this mole. Occasional irritation of the mole may be considered to be harmless but it is said that it can make the mole to be very sensitive and more susceptible to cancer. Other forms of irritation are pressing it while sleeping or too much expose to air or wind. These can also irritate the brown mole and make t to turn into a red mole.

Thus, it can be seen that proper medication is needed else it may develop into something big.

And, the causes of red moles have been discussed in a broad manner above.

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