What causes strawberry birthmarks?

Most newborn develop pimples or blotches as soon as they come out of the womb however these all clearly as soon as they get acclimated to life out of the womb. Sometimes, babies come out with birthmarks too and contrary to old wives tales, a birthmark does not mean the mother did something wrong while she was pregnant with the baby carrying the birthmark.

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Birthmarks cannot be prevented.

There are different kinds of birthmarks, they could be raised, flat, regular, irregular, different shades or colors but there are two main types of birthmarks: strawberry – red, vascular birthmarks and, pigmented birthmarks such as moles or Mongolian spots or café-au-lait spots. What causes strawberry birthmarks?

Most of these birthmarks are harmless and most of them even go away as the baby gets older however, there have been times when the birthmark has been associated with health problems.

What causes birthmarks, more specific, what causes strawberry birthmarks is unknown. It is not due to a ‘stain” that was caused by a mother during her pregnancy – it simply is unknown. What causes strawberry birthmarks could be inherited but this could also not be the case and it is unrelated to trauma during birth.

Strawberry hemangiomas could appear anywhere in the body however commonly found on the face, back, chest or scalp. They are small, packed blood vessels. This may not have been seen or developed right after birth but may take several weeks to develop. They grow fast and then they stay the same size and in most cases they subside usually by the age of 9 years old. Although a bit of discoloration on the are where the hemangioma laid and still no one can really tell what causes strawberry birthmarks.

Port-wine stains are purple to red birthmarks and are flat. This is mostly seen on the face and has different sizes and for the most part these are permanent. And yet, no one knows what causes strawberry birthmarks.

Salmon patches or stork bites are commonly seen in newborn babies. The small blood

vessels are visible through the skin and are common on the forehead, upper lip, between the eyebrows, eyelids, and the back of the neck. These marks often would fade away as the baby grows again, what causes strawberry birthmarks, the answer is eluded.

The strawberry birthmarks, what causes strawberry birthmarks remains unknown, however the symptoms are: red rashes or lesions on the skin, markings that look like blood vessels, red markings developed after birth and sometimes it could also be bleeding.

The cause of birthmarks will never be known however treatments are available. For strawberry hemangiomas, treatment is not necessary since it is temporary. For the permanent lesions cosmetic powder/s to conceal the lesions or mark could be used. Oral cortisone could reduce the size. Port wine stains can be treated by using a laser with yellow pulsed dye would bring good results.

Cryotherapy (or freezing) of the lesion, laser surgery, surgical removal could all be used to remove treat the birthmark but note that most of these treatments will not be done until the child reaches that of school age. But, with birthmarks that may affect any vital functions then surgery would be immediate.

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