What Countries do Bananas grow in?

The fruit known as the banana is possibly the most popular fruit on an international basis. However you may be surprised to know that the banana does not grow on trees.

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You may also be amazed when inquiring: what countries do bananas grow in that they grow in well over one-hundred countries throughout the world. The banana further is not a fruit at all but actually an enormous herb. In fact it is the largest herb found on the face of the earth. Although the food is enjoyed enormously on an international level very little is known with regard to the banana including what countries do bananas grow in.

Before addressing the question of what countries do bananas grow in it may be helpful to know bananas grow not on trees but on a plant. They generally grow in bunches and appear in the same manner as you find them in the grocery. The bunch is referred to as a hand with each banana making up the hand’s fingers. You may be interested in knowing that a banana weighs about twenty five grams. Hard to believe but the banana is largely comprised of water. Again, before addressing the primary question of what countries do bananas grow in it may be helpful for you to know that not only is the banana delicious it is also very healthy. The banana is full of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and a good source of potassium.

Now for the primary question: What countries do bananas grow in? Bananas are grown at minimum approximately one-hundred countries including Australia, Southeast Asia, African nations, the Caribbean and locations in South America and India. In fact many persons in Africa eat bananas on a daily basis. The banana originated in Asia.

Bananas actually come in a host of colors including red, purple and yellow. The red banana’s taste is considerably sweeter than the yellow banana with the hint of a berry flavor.

The banana before it reaches the grocery is picked when it is yet ripe because the ripe version would be easily bruised and then transported to various countries. The herb needs to be carefully handled during distribution.

There is a flora on the plant of the banana and it is used many times in the cuisines of India and Asia as part of dips where it is served raw or is added and cooked in soup. Even the trunk of the banana plant is used as part of meal planning in some nations.

The Banana can be prepared in many different ways as it can be fried, boiled steamed or the banana juice can be taken from the central portion of the banana plant and used as a medicinal in the treatment of kidney stones.

So what countries do bananas grow in: Well at least 100 countries and the primary ones that come to mind again are countries in Southeast Asia, nations in South America like Chile, the islands of the Caribbean, India and Australia and many more.

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