What drinks cause hangovers

Most people say that a hangover is caused by the type or types of alcoholic beverage/s you ingest. So what drinks cause hangovers? IN reality, any alcoholic beverage you consume may cause a hangover.

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It is all dependent on the about of drinks you consume and how seasoned you are in the art of getting heavily intoxicated or more commonly known as drunk.

There are limitless numbers of alcohol floating around in stores now a day. You can go with the ever more popular beer, to which there are more than 100 different flavors, breweries, color, and texture, local and imported beers going around. Then we can go to the liquors. Vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, tequila, gin. Then you have the liquor, coloring and or flavoring that have alcohol in them.

What drinks cause hangover? We can start with beer, straight shots of liquor, simple mixed drinks like gin and tonic (Gin and tonic water), screwdriver (Vodka and orange juice), Martini (Vodka, dry vermouth and olives), to a more intense mixture of drinks such as AMF (vodka, gin, light rum, tequila, blue curacao, sour mix, sprite and a wedge of lemon, lime and a cherry) or for a more fruity side of a mix there is always the pinacolada (Rum or coconut rum, coconut cream and pineapples) or the ever famous margarita or frozen margarita (tequila, triple sec and lime juice [add ice and blend for a frozen margarita]).

In any instance, weather one drinks beer, a shot or a mix drink the questions should not be “What drinks causes a hangover?” but rather “What causes a hangover?” The alcohol or to be more specific “Ethanol” contained in alcoholic beverages dehydrates the body which causes headaches, dry mouth and tiredness. This effect can be lessened by drinking lots of water and or sports drinks such as Gatoraide or Poweraide before or throughout the night of drinking.

Ethanol is broken down by enzymes in your liver by liver cells. The ethanol reacting to the liver cells impair it’s ability to do many things, such as supplying the body’s glucose specially to the brain. Glucose or broken down sugar is the main source of energy for our body and of course the brain. As a result, hangover! At the least a big part of your hangover. The lack of energy in the brain and the rest of the body cause fatigue, decrease attention, moodiness and weakness.

So, what drinks cause hangover? ALL OF THEM! As long as they have alcohol in them, they will cause a hangover when the amount is too much for your body to handle. Some people are genetically “lucky” when it comes to hangovers and would almost never, if ever, feel the effects of it. Weight is also a factor. It is believed that the less a person weighs the faster or worse that person will feel the effects of a hangover.

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