What is the best soil for Strawberry Plants?

Many individuals new to growing strawberry plants will naturally want to know the answer to the question: what is the best soil for strawberry plants? The best way to answer the question is to start from the beginning so to speak and address first the variants of the plant. The strawberry plant presents to the grower three principle types of plants and these include June Bearers, Day-Neutrals and Ever Bearers.

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The June bearer strawberry plant will yield its fruit within the month of June. The June bearer type of strawberry plant is generally found in home gardens. The next kind of strawberry plant once again termed a day bearer tends to flourish in areas where the weather presents cooler temperatures. The ever bearer strawberry plant is able to yield strawberries from the beginning of summer to the fall months however the fruit on the ever bearer plants are considered lower in quality than that of the June bearer plant or the day neutrals.

Next in addressing what is the best soil for strawberry plants, the plant does best when grown in a soil that is mildly acidic and where there is proper drainage. The drainage aspect is very important as the plant will do well if soil conditions are overly damp or too dry. A recommendation is if the soil where you are planting the strawberries is not prone to hold moisture at the proper levels is to use natural material of an organic nature in order to assure the soil is mildly damp.

Naturally understanding the best soil for strawberry plants is integrally important however alongside this consideration is proper amounts of sunlight. The minimum amount the strawberry plant should receive with regard to the sun’s direct rays is six hours. That said it will not be devastating if they receive less direct light however you will yield more fruit if the plant receives more sunlight.

Also in considering the best soil for strawberry plants you’ll also need to be aware how to plant the strawberry plant. Consult the growing schedule for the zone you are within in order to determine the best time-line. Strawberry plants should be presented to the soil with their top at the same level as the soil. Frost is not good if too severe as it can present damage. You’ll need to be sure you plant your strawberry plants after the danger of frost is over and also select plants that are best for the region where you live.

In answering the question what is the best soil for strawberry plants you’ve discovered that soil that is slightly acidic, that does retain moisture but not too much is your best bet. Additionally, if attaining adequate moisture is difficult you may add organic matter to the soil mixture to keep it relatively damp. Also in order to avoid flooding your plants with water, i.e. heavy rains and so forth it is best to locate your plants where they may receive proper damage should such conditions exist.

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