What is the quickest way to heal a cut

We’ve all had scrapes and cuts and wounds in our lives. Our children will have them no matter what we do.

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Paper cuts, cuts when shaving or cooking or playing or even when you’re not playing – perhaps you were gardening or cleaning the house … we all get cuts and scrapes, bruises. And there are surgical incisions too.

When we get a cut, or our children, the first thing we do is to clean the cut and often we reach for the band aid but is that the best way to heal a cut? What is the quickest way to heal a cut?

The quickest way to heal a cut is to leave it alone!

Clean the cut, or the scrape, with soap and water. Stop the bleeding and apply an antibiotic topical ointment such as Neosporin or any store brand antibiotic ointment. The quickest way to heal a cut is to keep it exposed so as to dry the area faster. If the bleeding persists, band aid would be recommended to try and stop the bleeding however, once the bleeding has stopped, remove the band aid and keep the cut exposed.

Another quickest way to heal a cut is by treating using the “glue” band aid. Applying the glue to seal the cut. The glue immediately dries the area just make sure that the bleeding has stopped in order for the glue to stick on the skin and seal the cut.

Should your cut continue to bleed make sure it’s not deep enough that it would not need stitches. If you are not sure, go to your doctor or to the nearest ER and have it checked – better to be safe than sorry. Maybe the cut is not deep enough to warrant stitches but perhaps butterflies would be needed.

If you do need butterflies, ask the doctor when it is safe to take them off. You may have to replace them. When doing so, what is the quickest way to heal a cut is by applying the antibiotic cream or ointment and keeping the area dry.

If your cut is infected or if you feel some pain on the area or if it is throbbing, topical pain ointment may be applied and applying some heat on the area could help too and. An antibiotic ointment must also be used. What is the quickest way to heal a cut.

If you have an incision, keep applying the ointment the doctor prescribes for you to use. The covering or padding on the incision will be removed usually after 2 or 3 days. What is the quickest way to heal a cut or an incision? Let the area air out and apply the ointment prescribed. Keep the area clean and dry. If it should be infected, go back to the doctor and it may have to be cleaned or the pus taken out (if there is the presence of pus). Oral antibiotics may be given to you as well.

All in all, leave the cut alone and don’t touch it so as to avoid infection. Don’t pick on it and do not pick on the scab as this could lead to opening the cut again. The quickest way to heal a cut is to leave it alone.

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