What Occurs during a Heart Attack

Many individuals concerned about their health will ask the question: what occurs during a heart attack? The question may be viewed at several different angles. One way it may be viewed is some may be asking what occurs during a heart attack as far as symptoms.

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In answer there are the classic symptoms of pain radiating down the left arm and around the jaw. The individual may experience a tightening in the area of the chest and shortness of breath. Further he or she may find they are sweating to a great degree. Less common symptoms with regard to what occurs during a heart attack include pain in the shoulders, or a feeling as if indigestion. If any of these symptoms are present then you must call emergency right away.

Another way to tackle the question of what occurs during a heart attack is to address it from the physical standpoint. The heart attack occurs because a blood clot forms within one of the coronary vessels. The clot can cause all kinds of problems and can make it very difficult for the heart to do its job of pumping blood to the rest of the body. The primary objective then if this happens and relative to our question: what occurs during a heart attack is to get to a health care facility immediately and have a physician and staff remove the clot.

If you experience any symptoms whether common or not do not waste time calling your health care provider as the more time you take in calling the less successful the outcome. If you even remotely suspect you are having a heart attack then call your local emergency number.

Some persons want to know when they ask the question what occurs during a heart attack not so much about the symptoms or what is happening physically is what will happen once they call the emergency number. The first area of concern once you get to the hospital respective of what occurs during a heart attack is in taking care of the blockage. You may be wheeled into emergency and placed on an IV. Generally, there are drugs in your IV that will help improve your chances.

Also there are two therapies or treatments available in determining and taking care of the blockage in the coronary artery and respective of the question what occurs during a heart attack. One treatment is non-invasive and employs the use of several drugs in order to break up the clot. Generally this treatment is administered if you have not waited too long to call or called right away. It is effective when there hasn’t been enough time for the heart attack to have done too much damage to the heart muscle.

The second treatment is more invasive and may be performed when things look more serious. Procedures that may be uncomfortable are performed to locate the clot and then to remove it. A cardiac catherization may be employed as well as an angiogram to determine where the blockage is in your coronary artery and then angioplasty will be performed in order to remove it. During this time your vitals will be checked and you will be monitored as your heart may start to beat sporadically during the this period which may prove fatal especially within the first twenty-four hours after the heart attack has occurred.

Conclusively, if you survive it you will be rehabbed and provided a diet and exercise regime in order to break some of the unhealthy habits that caused the heart attack in the first place..

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