What shows in a background check?

By performing a background check on a person we can collect all types of information like financial, residential, criminal, employment, educational details regarding his past. Knowing what shows in a background check will gives us more valuable details about different things.

When we want to know what shows on a background check, first we need to know what we looking for in a report. If we are looking for criminal information, we have to go for criminal background check.

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Or if we want to know the job history of a person, we can use the reports made for the employers.

Before doing any search to know what shows in a background check, we need to know whether it is legal to look up. There can be certain laws against doing some types of background check on some people. If we want to check an employee’s background, then the employee should do a social security number (SSN) check. by this check we can get the information like name ,nick name, current address , address history and SSN date of issue.

Next if we want to check criminal history of a person ,it is not enough to look at what shows in a background check in a criminal history ,because the person may be under investigation .A criminal record of background check includes the name, gender, race, date of birth, number of offences, date of convection, risk level and charges.

What shows in a background check on credit score of a person will help us to decide the financial status of that person. The credit reports of a person can not be viewed by every one. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has laid some restrictions on this. So only some of the authorized people are permitted to check them. so the background check on financial report of any person will allow us to  check credit worthiness, whether they pay their bills on time or not and do they have access to large amount of credit or not etc. and it also includes some common information like the persons full name, date of birth, present and past address etc.

Now let us check out what shows in a background check of an employee, the companies will often do pre employment checks, it includes reports of employment, and also vehicle and driving records.  This report also includes the common details like name, date of birth and address of that person. And it also includes the employment information about his past.

The information what shows in background check of a person depends on the type of service we are using. a free background check will let us to know the basic civil records of  person. But if e want to know something specific about any person it is better if we go for some paid search services. There are some companies in national and international level to perform background check.  We need to choose the one which is required for us.
Some services give information about certain things only. So we have to use a service which provides all kinds of information what we require.

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