When will I receive my Tax Relief Check

A great many taxpayers file their returns early or at minimum by the deadline because they are naturally looking forward to receiving their tax refunds with respect to what they may have overpaid in taxes during the tax year. However after waiting awhile many become concerned or even a little bit annoyed they have yet to receive their respective checks thus the question is posed when will I receive my tax relief check Tax relief check is certainly an apt description as what a relief it will be in order to catch up on some unpaid obligations: however they don’t want to be left in the dark as to when their check will arrive.

In order to address the question when will I receive my tax relief check the way the taxpayer filed his or her return must be considered as well as how he or she chose how to receive the funds.

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This will make a great deal of difference as to the arrival date of the tax refund.

e-File is one way taxpayers file their return relative to the question: When will I receive my tax relief check?

The first way you may have filed your tax return is by way of e-file. This means you electronically filed your return over the web. If you e-filed your return, opting to receive your tax refund by way of direct deposit into your checking account then you may expect the funds to arrive within three weeks from the date you filed the return.

Filing by way of paper return is the second option available to tax payers with respect to the topic question when will I receive my tax relief check.

If you filed your tax return by paper return and elected to receive a paper check then you may expect a refund relative to the question when will I receive my tax relief check within an eight week period of time. However, if you elected to receive your refund, filing a paper return by means of direct deposit to your checking account you may expect to wait a time period of seven weeks in order to receive your refund. In other words, if you chose the method of filing by paper and asked for a check the time frame to receive a refund is eight weeks and if you chose the same method however selected direct deposit of your refund to your checking account the refund should arrive a week sooner.

However all that said, many taxpayers with regard to the question when will I receive my tax relief check will still be up in the air about the receipt of their refund because they believe by now they should have received their refund. In order to find out your refund status you may call the Tax Refund Hot Line at 1-800-829-1954. The Tax Refund Hot lLine will make available to you the status of your tax refund.

In order to use the hot line you will need to have in front of you some required information before you make the call. The information you will need to have handy is 1) your social security number, 2) the whole dollar amount of your anticipated refund from your tax return; and 3) your filing status from your return.

The information needed to make the call to the hot line may be attained from your copy of your tax return if you already don’t know it my memory. Summarily, you are now aware of the estimated time to receive your refund with respect to the question when will I receive my tax relief check. You also have a handy hot line of which to call if you wish to check further about status.

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