Who invented the ipod

The ipod is a really cool electronics device and it has really changed the way people thought about media. This product is really cheap and it can be afforded.

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When the popularity of the ipod rose to a high extent, the question on everyone’s lips was as to who invented the ipod. Most of the people’s reply to this question was that it was a bunch of intelligent folks in Apple Company who invented the laptop. This was however just a consolation answer and the truth really lies miles beyond this consolation answer.

The ipod was never the first electronic portable media player. The sony walkman was another contender for this spot. But, however the ipod won several hands down in the quality and pricing. The apple ipod first debuted in the year 2001 on the first of October. In a review about the ipod, it was revealed that the apple team took a year to design and implement the ipod. As per the records, the list of few people who invented the ipod are given below.

The apple ipod team consisted of the following gentlemen:-

* John Rubinstein. He was none other than the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering way back in 2001.
* Jonathan Ive. This gentleman was the senior vice president of design in 2001.
* Tony Fadell. He was an engineer and also a former vice president of the ipod wing.
* Michael Dhuey. He was the lead engineer during that period.
* Steve Jobs. He is none other than the company’s CEO who looked after the project.

Even though a list of persons are given above, there is no individual person who invented the laptop.

It has to be accepted that the ipod was not an original concept. It borrowed ideas from several existing technologies. All the existing sophisticated technologies were integrated into a common device called as IPOD.

Kane Kramer was a British inventor in the 1970s. He developed the idea of a portable player which can be made up of plastic. But, he faced several debates due to which he could not get the required funds for carrying out his new project. As a result of that, his idea was completely dropped. Sony Company picked up the project in the late 1980s and developed the Walkman. So, Apple copied some ideas from the existing technologies and put up a yet new interesting product called as the Apple ipod.

But, Kramer cannot be judged as the person who invented the ipod single handedly.

So the question of who invented the ipod can never really be answered with surety because no one really knows the answer to that. The ipod was not an original concept developed by Apple since many other companies had already come up with their own portable media player. What ipod did was to develop a click wheel and some other features such as increasing the hard disk size which was very low in other existing media players during this time.

Apple faced a legal lawsuit back in 2008. At that time, Apple acknowledged Kane Kramer’s role in inventing the popular ipod device as part of its defense during the lawsuit.

Thus, the necessary explanations as to who invented the ipod have been stated above.

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